Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's that poppin?

Today . . . . .I am convinced that I am popping a bag of popcorn in my belly. Thank you little Baby D. Not quite sure what you're doing in there, but it's making for an interesting day!

I sure can't wait for our ultrasound later this month...hopefully....crossing fingers....begging the doctor.... I'm dying to see this little one because it's moving all over the place! I haven't felt alot yet, but that popcorn popping is evidence that something funny is going on in there.

Why do I get the feeling that I'm in for it the next few months....I'm thinking this little one is going to be kicking the heck out of my insides. Is this a sign our kid is going to be ADD? Lol...I hope not! :)

By the way, Italian Nachos from JC's are absolutely amazing to say the least. Who would have ever known? But....fresh salsa on the other hand...sick!

I'm going home in a few weeks to see the fam. I can't wait. My sis is coming all the way from New York. Hooray! Haven't seen her since I got hitched, and haven't seen the kids for even longer!

Memorial Day weekend wasn't too exciting. Ryan golfed and I got some shopping done. The rest of the time we sat at home. Kind of nice to relax anyhow.