Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oink Oink!

I just got these slippers, and am convinced that they are the coolest slippers ever!!! I would have preferred little froggy's, but....they didn't have my size, so I settled for the piggys. When I walk around their little ears flop! So so cute. Ok, sorry, kind of a dumb blog post, but I thought it was super cute picture.
We are finally back from Idaho Falls....and back to work tomorrow! We're going to put up our Christmas tree tomorrow!! Can't wait! Also.....I will be back up in Idaho Falls on the 13th for another craft fair at the Hampton Inn on Channing Way. Its from 10 - 6, if any of you can make it....please come! I love to see you all!

Friday, November 28, 2008

We're Off!

Finally.....we are on our way to visit my family! YAY!! We get 3 Thanksgiving dinners this year....I'm totally going to have to hit the treadmill after this... Thanksgiving was great, went to visit Ryan's family. Our favorite little Emma (our niece) wasn't with us, so we missed her, but we did get to hang out with Lucy (the baby, other niece) Yes...she has the same name as our dog.... Thats where the "Lucy the dog, Lucy the baby" came from. Anyway....finally off work...its 6:00.. CHOW!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lucy the Dog

Isn't she adorable? We just love her...... She is 5 years old now. Probably the most spoiled dog ever. She has a "coach" brand collar. Very expensive!! :)

Lucy's first experience with a snow man...she was obviously way tooo interested, or maybe it was the roast that the best husband in the world stuck in the snowman for his eyes... EEW!! She would have stayed out there until that snowman melted, just so she could get that roast. What a dog...


So this is the first time I have really started a bear with me...its probably going to take me forever to make this thing work!

Anyway, here we are. Ryan and I have been married for about a year now. We were married in the Boise Temple on November 2nd. Talk about luck...we had the most beautiful fall day ever! I could walk around that temple all day in my dress without getting cold. We had some beautiful pictures taken, I'm going to have to upload those a little later.

We're both currently working for banks in the Twin Falls area. No kids yet..... just our little Lucy dog. She is the best dog ever!! Oh ya...and our 2 fish.... We bought these darn things the other day not realizing they can grow to be up to 3 feet long!!! Anyone have a pond?? We may have some fish up for adoption in a few years. :)

Well....I'm going to get back to trying to figure out how this thing works!