Friday, April 30, 2010

Cavewoman at 13 Weeks

Well, it's that time of year again. Time for Fun Night at work. Every year our bank has an employee company party where they do awards and so forth. Last night was Fun Night for this year. Our theme was "Through The Decades" Our branch decided to dress up together as "cave people" I made my costume, this is how it turned out. .

Not too bad. Only problem, it was FREEZING yesterday! So....I had to pull out the long sleeve shirt! Brr. Ryan insisted on taking my picture when I got home, as you can tell...he can't hold the camera still. Every picture he took was blurry! Thats ok, you get the gist.

I'm also gonna use this as my 13 week picture! Ha...horrible because you can't see my belly. But it's there....oh's there and it's sticking out! A couple of our friends were teasing me and they said that if they didn't know that I was pregnant, they would have thought I was getting a gut! :( Sad face. hehe. Actually...if you look close, you can kind of see it. Too bad blogger doesn't let me draw an arrow. I knew I would show early because there really isn't anywhere else for it to go but straight out.

I think my hips are expanding, which probably is a good thing, because I don't think a baby would come out of there! My rear is going to be J-Lo-ing it by the time I'm done I swear. Lets hope not....YIKES! All is good though, I was in desperate need of a few pounds. Just not too many!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


On Monday the bank celebrated my b-day with cake and goody bags. Well these little goody bags had smarties in them....well a few. For some reason I was intrigued. So I pulled a few out, ate them all up. Next thing I know....I'm in the back room snatching every package of smarties from all those goody bags. Geez! Today....they're my favorite....and I'm all out! :( I better be careful, or I'm going to weigh 500 lbs by the time this pregnancy is over. Thank heavens smarties aren't too fattening. But boy oh boy were they good!
I also really crave strawberry lemonade. Powerade or Country Time. Albertsons was my best friend today because they had powerade on sale for .79!!! YAY! Time to grab a few extra strawberry lemonades. Hooray.
And...lastly....all the sudden my belly started poking out today....or maybe I'm just bloated?? Not sure...but there is definitely a little belly there. Whoa.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Onesies & T-Shirts!

Ok, as promised, here are the pictures of the onesies and the t-shirts I made for us to tell the parents! Of course I had to purchase the "newborn" size so I could run around and oohhh and ahh at how cute and little it was.'s size certainly didn't help this little project. I pulled the letters from my digi scrapbooking and printed them on fusible printable fabric. Then, I cut them all out and ironed them on. It was pretty time consuming, but SOO worth it for the surprise.

Then, I wrapped them up in little packages trying to conceal any idea of what it might be. Do you think they knew?? hehe...I have no idea either.

Close up of my handiwork. They were a little hard to read. They said, "Grandpa & Grandma, I can't wait 2 meet u. C u in 9 months, luv baby d" 3-9-10 (that was the date we found out)
I mailed them on a Thursday and luckily, they arrived on Friday!! I was super excited all day because I didn't know if I would receive any phone calls and I could just imagine them opening them....and what they were thinking. It was a total shocker. Noone even had a clue it was coming. That's what made it so fun.
Dad called first. He was super excited. Mom called later, and of course she said that she had started crying. I was glad that I decided to tell them in such a fun way. I didn't just want to call them, and being 2 hours away made it kind of hard.
Ryan's parents are 45 minutes away from us, and we were going to see them the following Sunday for dinner. So I decided to make some t-shirts for Ryan and I.

On these ones I used fabric scraps and fusible web. Cut out some letters and ironed them on as well. I also treated them with some fray solution so they wouldn't fray too bad on the edges.
It took Ryan's mom FOREVER to realize what was going on. Once we got there we probably stood in the kitchen for 10 minutes until Grandpa Martin looked at Ryan and said, "Who's Daddy?" I pointed and Ryan and Grandpa said, "You are?" And then finally his mom turned around and said, "What are you guys talking about?" She finally saw Ryan's shirt after he had stood almost 2 feet from her for 15 minutes. haha. Not exactly as planned, but it was pretty funny.
Gotta love the fam.

The Sweetest Little Noises

Today was our 2nd appointment with the doctor. I was super excited because she told me last appointment that we would probably be able to pick up a heartbeat.

She was right! It didn't take long, as soon as she stuck that little ultrasonic device on my belly, there was a heartbeat and it was strong!! Ryan's head immediately flew up, "Whoa, that is cool!" Then he had to be funny and say, "Phew, I guess that means there is only one in there!" I have to admit...he is right. If we had twins...holy moly...I don't know where they would both fit! I'm not sure how one is going to fit in my belly! Let's hope that one isn't hiding. This will be interesting for sure.

Yesterday was my first embarrasing mood swing. So I teach the sunbeams with another girl who is due any day now. We have about 12 kids and only 2-3 are girls. The rest...boys....rowdy obnoxious boys. So I had my lesson all fixed up with a coloring activity and treats. Just in case my partner didn't make it. She usually brings all the kid toys and the treats. She's super duper good with them. Well, apparently color pages are not a good idea. It was great for one reason, and that one reason was that it kept them entertained the last part of class. But the worst part...when we got to primary, those color pages immediately turned into toy guns, telescopes and paper airplanes. How do 3 year olds come up with this stuff?? They were OUT OF CONTROL. The two of us could not handle them. They were shooting their guns, peering through their telescopes, throwing papers, moving chairs all over the primary room, stacking them, fighting over who's chair was who's. truly was a bad day. So after we got them back to their parents I met up with Ryan and immediately started crying. He was staring at me with the widest eyes I'd ever seen. He didn't know what to think or what to do. It was so random!! Needless to say, we had to go home because I couldn't compose myself. Now that I think about it, it just makes me laugh!!

Talk about some serious hormones. Whew.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yay for Flinstones!

Is that how you spell that? Flinstones..? or is it Flintstones?? Heck...I don't care, but hooray for those silly little kid vitamins!!

Easter was a BAD day for little miss prego. Dinner didn't set well and a combination of bad perfume really threw me for a loop. I'm probably the biggest whiner ever, but I was even out from work on Monday. So I called the doctor. Finally, at 7:00 that night they called back with a different prescription vitamin and told me to take flinstone vitamins instead of prenatals. Talk about a gift from god because I have only thrown up once since Tuesday! HOORAY!!!! And I'm more waking up with horrible stomach aches. Life is good this week. Life is good.

This pregnancy is looking up....and i'm only 2 months...whew....whiner...big big whiner. And I can eat! And different foods other than spaghetti, lasagna and goulash. Ya...something about that tomato stuff had me drooling the last couple weeks. It was all I could eat, and the only meat I could eat. But now...we're movin on up to my homemade sweet & sour chicken, and fried chicken burgers. Hello tasty!

You know what else is weird. . . I actually wake up at 2 or 3 every morning and start thinking about what I want for breakfast. Cause I'm going to have to eat..and fast....or I'm going to be losing my stomach.

I have some pics I want to post of the little onesies that I made. Telling the parents wasn't just a phone call, it was a full on event. I'll have to post them later tonight if I can break away from the sewing machine.

Why can't I break away?? Well....GOOD NEWS! FinnFancies is going into a local store. SO SO excited! This could be my big debut. lol....probably not. But I'm excited to get my stuff out so I have a place to send potential customers. Sometimes it's hard to compete in the gigantic online pool of amazing artists.

This last week I have managed to cut 39 pouches, 20 wallets and 5 zipper pouches. I'm now working on cutting the lining, applying that, and then sewing away. The rest of the good news is that I haven't sliced my finger off yet. I'm notorious for being a little clumsy with the rotary cutter. My poor husband starts sweating when I pull that thing out.....gets a little nervous... I doubt he wants a 3 fingered wife. And I don't want to be the 3 fingered wife. Wierd. Just wierd.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

9 Weeks

I've made it to 9 weeks. The last 4 weeks have been horrible. :( I have been meaning to post some pics, but, I have been so sick I just haven't been able to do so. Took this one today and I still look like I just died and came back to life. My mom was very sick with me, so I was a little concerned that I would have the same problem. Unfortunately, I do. The sickness is all night, all morning, and then again after work. And sometimes during the day. We go to the doctor again next Monday, so we'll see then if she has to put me on IV treatment. Yikes....lets hope not! That won't be fun.

I have a little belly, but not much. Baby is only the size of grape! The camo pants are the only pants that fit right now besides my work pants. Thankfully those fit...since I have to wear them every day. All my jeans...well those are out of the question. I've been trying to find some and haven't found any in a small enough size that aren't 100.00 or more. Looks like I might be going with the unbuttoned pants and the trusty belly band. And I swear my feet are growing... or maybe I've really lost my mind..??

They say that pregnant women do all sorts of crazy stuff, well it's true. Last week when I was driving home from doing some shopping, I couldn't remember which foot was supposed to press the brake pedal. And this should be easy because one foot does have to press on the clutch. duh! Um....hint that maybe I should not be driving? Good thing work is only like 2 miles away. I forget peoples names, call them by different names, I'm a total clutz. Let's just say that the beetle has had more than one drink spilled in the passenger seat in the last month. Poor car is going to have to be seriously shampooed. Good thing they were all clear drinks.

I'm having a hard time eating anything because of just comes right back up. I need the protein, but any meat makes me run for the bathroom. Ground hamburger in spaghetti is about is meat as I can get!

haha...and clearly I need a tan! Yikes....the paleness is horrid. Spring, please come soon! Anyway, thought I would give a little update. Not much else to tell...just the normal story from any lil prego. Next week's appointment we get to hear the heartbeat. Well...maybe. Doctor says she can always hear it at 10 weeks, but sometimes the parents can't pick it up. Not sure if that means ultrasound or just some listening device...who knows! We'll see soon enough!