Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today we decided to meet some friends from Idaho Falls at Lagoon. We almost didn't go because of the weather, but went anyway. I'm glad that we did! It was perfect weather. It wasn't too hot or too cold.
When we were walking around looking for a place to eat Ryan thought he was sooo funny because the sign on this little food shack said "Olde Mill" Well he had to take a picture because he calls me Mill & Mille. I was freezing at this point because it had just started to rain. Can't you tell I'm just thrilled by the look on my face! :)

This one is a little better, but I was still freezing!!

I haven't been to Lagoon for years, I think the last time I went I was in High School and I used to go every summer with my dad. There were alot of new rides which were fun. We didn't go on any of the water rides because we would have been freezing. It was only 60* all day.

I got really excited because Ryan told me that he wanted to ride the Sky Coaster and the Catapult with me. Those are the 2 rides that you have to pay extra for. I had always wanted to go on them before, but noone would ever go with me! So...I was really excited that Ryan was going to do them with me. Well....we had just got off of the Rocket and apparently the free fall made Ryan want to barf and so he decided that there was noway he was going to go on the Sky Coaster or the Catapult. I was so sad!! So I thought, fine, then I'll go by myself if noone else wants to! Finally Dustin's cousin Talia said that she would go with me on the catapult.

We were freaking out the whole time because once you get buckled in, they roll this ball backwards and you just set there and wait to be launched into the air. I swear I was trying to control my breathing because my heart was beating so fast. And my knuckles were white from holding onto the handles so tightly. Finally they launched us into the air. The second we took off both of us girls started screaming. It was the most amazing thing ever!!! That thing goes as high as the ferris wheel! We were just bouncing around like a bouncy ball. There is a certain way you can place your feet, and if you don't place them too high then you won't spin in the air. If you place them too high then you will spin more. I don't think it mattered because we were spinning like crazy and it was so scary because we were upside down and plummeting towards the ground. Wow, it was so worth it!!! Ryan was really surprised that I wanted to go, so he took a video with our cell phones. You can't really see me and Talia, but you can hear us screaming for sure.

I'm so glad we went. I think we will definitely have to plan to go every year. I forgot how much fun Lagoon is!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Petunia the Bobble Head Piggy Bank

Ok, so I have been posting strange things on Facebook for the last two weeks. These strange things have all been about my gigantic bobble head pig, and stuffing chicken wire.
You were all a little confused, but now, I am going to clear all this up!
This is our parade float this year. Completely designed by myself, I guess I'm tooting my own horn because I'm proud of my piggy! I couldn't have put it together without the help of my friends at work, but thankfully we finished it up and it turned out great!
Pictured left to right: Teena, Dawn, Vanessa, Jerrine, Jackie, Camille, Esteban & Rosa

Pictures are kind of hard to see, but yes, I am carrying a cardboard mound of fake money. I wonder what our customers thought when they came in and Rosa and I were coloring fake money at my desk for 2 days straight....

Here is a close up of Petunia's face. I wish I would have taken a video of her during the parade so you all could see her head bobbling. It was hilarious.
Petunia the pig has now made her home in the lobby of our bank. Can I just say that I am so lucky to work for a bank that allows me to let out my creative side at work?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Have I Ever Told You?

Have I ever told you all how much I just love our little Lucy dog? She is...without a doubt...the most spoiled dog EVER! I was trying to think about something to blog about...but I'm so boring lately that I couldn't think of anything!! So I was looking through the pictures on my computer and I saw these. It then dawned on me how loved little miss Lucy really is....

This picture above was taken on a Saturday morning....this is not an unusual sighting at our house. Yes, I am hiding underneath the bedspread. For some reason I really don't care for pillows so I sleep on my stomach most of the time and just hide under the blanket. Well, apparently Lucy did not want the pillow to go to waste, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Have you ever seen a dog snuggle herself right up next to you and lay on a pillow like a human? Yes....Thats my Lucy, she does it every single night. I wake up and she is in the same place, stealing my pillow, snuggled up as close as she can get. I just love her to pieces. And I'm so lucky to have a husband who allows her to snuggle herself right there! Ha...don't ever let him kid you, he loves her just as much as me!