Monday, October 4, 2010

Moving Along!

Today I am 35 weeks along. Can I say "wow" Look at that belly! It just pops right out! No wonder I waddle around like a duck. And yes...I really waddle.
We're getting excited. I'm washing baby clothes this very moment.....I was actually excited to do laundry so I could play in little boy clothes. We'll see how long that lasts!
Next item on the list is packing the diaper bag...what the heck do you put in those things anyway? This is all a learning thing for sure! Do you think it's too early to strap the car seat in? :) Anyway, just an update. Maybe next time I'll come with pictures of a little boy! Much more fun.

Friday, September 24, 2010

How the Summer went

Lots has been going on this summer! It seems like I can't keep my head on straight! A few recent things. A few weeks ago Ryan's family had a huge get together for Grandpa Martin. He has been sick so we all got together one last time for a family dinner. Was a fun time. I really like this picture of Ryan and Grandpa. They are 2 of a kind!

This picture below is of Ryan's immediate family. Next to Ryan is Jaron's girlfriend Laura and she is holding Daphnie's little girl Lucy. Next to Laura is Jaron, Ryan's brother. Then Daphnie, Ryan's sister, then Chris, Daphnie's husband, then Ryan's mom Alice. Sitting below Alice is Ron, Ryan's dad. Then little Emma, also Daphnie's daughter is setting on Grandpa JoAnn's lap. And Grandpa Martin is holding Porter, Daphnies little boy. Porter was born in May, so he and Parks will be the same age!! That will be nice....or maybe lots of trouble!

We didn't make any family trips this year. We have mostly been sticking around home due to my growing belly. Here are a few pics I haven't posted....

Below is me at 6 months.

The picture below was taken at 7 months.

And finally, picture below is the most recent, taken at 8 months.

I'm currently 34 weeks. Definitely getting ready. Starting to have lots of little complications. I guess thats the rules of the game. Visits to the doctor have been frequent, but so far little Parks is doing well. He has already turned upside down and positioned himself to come out the right way! Lets hope he doesn't decide to flip in the next few weeks.

My ankles have decided to welcome swelling and are now huge! See picture probably will be disgusted. I am. Thank heavens it's not summer cause I do not want to be showing these bad boys off.

My shoes officially do not fit. Not so bad I pass to wear flip flops to work. My flip flops are more comfortable than shoes anyhow!
I must be getting excited, every night I have dreams about my little man. I sure hope he looks the same as the baby I'm dreaming of. The little baby I pack around in my dreams is teeny tiny with a head full of brown hair and looks just like Ryan when he was a little baby. Can't wait to see him. I really can't wait to just get him out of my's getting hard to pack him around. Even though he isn't that big!
Well, thats all for now. Hopefully I can make a few more posts before Parks comes. If not, I'll definitely be back for posting pictures of him!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Few Things last post kind of got deleted. I decided it was kind of wierd having my ultrasound on the blog. Maybe I was just being a grumpy pregnant woman that day, who knows, but anywho, I decided to save those pics for family.

If you haven't heard, it is a boy. We decided to name him Parks Kenley Darrington. We wanted something different, and didn't want to stick with family names... didn't want to hurt any feelings. So it was easiest to come up with our own. Parks it is. We love it.

The first thing we bought for him....his bedding! I ordered them today. I wanted to get it here so we could match paint colors and get his room painted. Plus, Im going to be making alot of the crib sheets, if it ends up being cheaper than buying them. We'll have to do some checking around. I suffer from matching syndrome, so I want his sheets to match his bedding as well.

Here is a picture. Kind of hard to see. I bought it from JCPenney. I also bought the matching mobile. There are so many different kinds of bedding out there, but when I saw this one, I wanted it. It just seemed to fit. I love the little dogs and the mobile is adorable with its little stuffed quilted dogs.

I did get a registry done at Target as well. Probably a little early, but thats ok. I wanted to get it done. We probably won't plan on any showers until October. I think I spent 2-3 hours in that store looking over everything possible! My feet definitely hurt after that was over. Ryan wasn't feeling good, so he didn't come. Good thing our tastes are the same so far.

I'm almost 22 weeks now. Past half way, feeling good for the most part. I might need a wheelchair for our trip to Florida in September....haha! My feet get pretty sore after awhile, as does my back. Maybe I should wear better shoes than flip flops...but its so hot thats all I want. And they feel better on swollen feet. Oh the joys!

Anyway, just wanted to give an update! Hope everyone has a great 4th!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's that poppin?

Today . . . . .I am convinced that I am popping a bag of popcorn in my belly. Thank you little Baby D. Not quite sure what you're doing in there, but it's making for an interesting day!

I sure can't wait for our ultrasound later this month...hopefully....crossing fingers....begging the doctor.... I'm dying to see this little one because it's moving all over the place! I haven't felt alot yet, but that popcorn popping is evidence that something funny is going on in there.

Why do I get the feeling that I'm in for it the next few months....I'm thinking this little one is going to be kicking the heck out of my insides. Is this a sign our kid is going to be ADD? Lol...I hope not! :)

By the way, Italian Nachos from JC's are absolutely amazing to say the least. Who would have ever known? But....fresh salsa on the other hand...sick!

I'm going home in a few weeks to see the fam. I can't wait. My sis is coming all the way from New York. Hooray! Haven't seen her since I got hitched, and haven't seen the kids for even longer!

Memorial Day weekend wasn't too exciting. Ryan golfed and I got some shopping done. The rest of the time we sat at home. Kind of nice to relax anyhow.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet 16!

Alright, here we are, momma and baby. 16 weeks. I'm growing. . . . in areas I didn't think I could grow! All the sudden that lil belly popped out of nowhere. I'm kind of glad it did, because before I just looked like I had a gut. I'm not to picture friendly these days. . . I scare myself.

Not much to report. . . .in a couple weeks I have more blood testing and then hopefully on June 21st I can have an ultrasound. We need to find out what this little bugger is! I hate not being prepared. I've never been able to run on the spur of a moment. Drives me bonkers. This is driving me bonkers....much patience is needed! And then I stress myself out even more when I realize how much "stuff" we are about to add to our house for this little baby... I'm still trying to figure out where the queen bed and sewing room are going to go....and how they are going to be mixed in together.
I haven't had any wierdo cravings like some women have. I do really like Cherry Limeade's from Sonic, and of course, french fries. And sometimes I really want oranges. But thats about it! The funny thing is, everywhere I look, I see pregnant women. I never noticed them before, but my....they are everywhere! :)
Happy Monday, lets hope for a good week!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Puppies, Puppies Everywhere!

Relax.... not real puppies! That wouldn't be good.... Anyway, So you all know I'm obsessed with fabric and I'm constantly searching online for the newest stuff for my bags and wallets. Well the other day I came across these little lovely's......

Yes....I'm officially convinced that this is the most adorable fabric I've ever seen! I saw it and made up my mind, if we find out that our wee little lemon (size this week) is a boy, you can bet that there will be something in his room made with these fabrics!!

I'm contemplating doing my own crib bedding.....I might be completely out of my mind though. If I did it myself then I could pick exactly what I wanted. These two prints would be so cute mixed together for crib bedding...and even cuter if I were to throw in this print.....

I'm smitten. These. Are. Perfect.
So, now for an update on how we've been doing. Today starts my 2nd trimester. Wohoo! They say you're supposed to start feeling better....i'm thinking "they" are a bunch of liars. :) Or, maybe week 13 decided to end 1st trimester with intent of never being forgotten. Here's how last week went....
*Monday, came down with a sore throat.
*Tuesday, sore throat turned into a head cold. Went to the doctor and he said, "Sorry, you can take tylenol and suck on some halls." My thoughts, ugh, I just paid you how much money to tell me that? Why did I make an attempt to even come in here for help? And, thanks for freaking me out since you couldn't find my babies heartbeat for what seemed like a century! This isn't my normal doctor, I went to her husband because she doesn't work on Tuesdays. So I went home from work Tuesday afternoon in hopes of kicking this cold in the butt with a serious dose of "SLEEP" Tylenol doesn't work. Tuesday night, chills, low fever and throw up. Yep....pretty sure I've got the flu.
*Wednesday, still throwing up everything I already threw up Tuesday and all Tuesday night. I couldn't stop. I was one crazy barfing machine. Disgusting. to the doctor again. But this time, both my doctors were out, so here we go with doctor number 3. Thank heavens he is hot of the press, just out of medical school. Pretty up to date on his stuff. This guy checked to make sure I wasn't starving the baby since I was starving myself, found the heartbeat in less than 30 seconds and even helped my fat pregnant self up off the table. How considerate! He knows how hard it is for a pregnant lady to set up, even though you're only 13 weeks, you still feel like a cow and you still can't move like a normal human. Or maybe I'm just not a normal human?? Doctor prescribed me a miracle pill. Some dissolvable tablet. The second that pill was dissolved, my stomach stopped hurting and the vomiting stopped immediately. Thank you thank you thank you!! I could eat!
*Now you tell me why they don't have a pill like that, that pregnant woman can take every day for nausea?*
The first doctor that comes out with that pill, and deems it safe to take during pregnancy, and as often as daily, is going to be the most loved doctor ever! He'll need to run, and run far far away because he'll be being chased and smothered by fat pregnant ladies all over! We'll just want to show him our gratitude for his invention.
*Thursday, still a little sick. Still didn't go to work, but was able to at least wash the blankets and the bedding. I didn't want poor Ryan to get my flu bug!
Wow, what a week huh....dear Mr. Flu Bug, if you ever come back while I'm pregnant again, you will be so sorry. AHHH!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Cavewoman at 13 Weeks

Well, it's that time of year again. Time for Fun Night at work. Every year our bank has an employee company party where they do awards and so forth. Last night was Fun Night for this year. Our theme was "Through The Decades" Our branch decided to dress up together as "cave people" I made my costume, this is how it turned out. .

Not too bad. Only problem, it was FREEZING yesterday! So....I had to pull out the long sleeve shirt! Brr. Ryan insisted on taking my picture when I got home, as you can tell...he can't hold the camera still. Every picture he took was blurry! Thats ok, you get the gist.

I'm also gonna use this as my 13 week picture! Ha...horrible because you can't see my belly. But it's there....oh's there and it's sticking out! A couple of our friends were teasing me and they said that if they didn't know that I was pregnant, they would have thought I was getting a gut! :( Sad face. hehe. Actually...if you look close, you can kind of see it. Too bad blogger doesn't let me draw an arrow. I knew I would show early because there really isn't anywhere else for it to go but straight out.

I think my hips are expanding, which probably is a good thing, because I don't think a baby would come out of there! My rear is going to be J-Lo-ing it by the time I'm done I swear. Lets hope not....YIKES! All is good though, I was in desperate need of a few pounds. Just not too many!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


On Monday the bank celebrated my b-day with cake and goody bags. Well these little goody bags had smarties in them....well a few. For some reason I was intrigued. So I pulled a few out, ate them all up. Next thing I know....I'm in the back room snatching every package of smarties from all those goody bags. Geez! Today....they're my favorite....and I'm all out! :( I better be careful, or I'm going to weigh 500 lbs by the time this pregnancy is over. Thank heavens smarties aren't too fattening. But boy oh boy were they good!
I also really crave strawberry lemonade. Powerade or Country Time. Albertsons was my best friend today because they had powerade on sale for .79!!! YAY! Time to grab a few extra strawberry lemonades. Hooray.
And...lastly....all the sudden my belly started poking out today....or maybe I'm just bloated?? Not sure...but there is definitely a little belly there. Whoa.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Onesies & T-Shirts!

Ok, as promised, here are the pictures of the onesies and the t-shirts I made for us to tell the parents! Of course I had to purchase the "newborn" size so I could run around and oohhh and ahh at how cute and little it was.'s size certainly didn't help this little project. I pulled the letters from my digi scrapbooking and printed them on fusible printable fabric. Then, I cut them all out and ironed them on. It was pretty time consuming, but SOO worth it for the surprise.

Then, I wrapped them up in little packages trying to conceal any idea of what it might be. Do you think they knew?? hehe...I have no idea either.

Close up of my handiwork. They were a little hard to read. They said, "Grandpa & Grandma, I can't wait 2 meet u. C u in 9 months, luv baby d" 3-9-10 (that was the date we found out)
I mailed them on a Thursday and luckily, they arrived on Friday!! I was super excited all day because I didn't know if I would receive any phone calls and I could just imagine them opening them....and what they were thinking. It was a total shocker. Noone even had a clue it was coming. That's what made it so fun.
Dad called first. He was super excited. Mom called later, and of course she said that she had started crying. I was glad that I decided to tell them in such a fun way. I didn't just want to call them, and being 2 hours away made it kind of hard.
Ryan's parents are 45 minutes away from us, and we were going to see them the following Sunday for dinner. So I decided to make some t-shirts for Ryan and I.

On these ones I used fabric scraps and fusible web. Cut out some letters and ironed them on as well. I also treated them with some fray solution so they wouldn't fray too bad on the edges.
It took Ryan's mom FOREVER to realize what was going on. Once we got there we probably stood in the kitchen for 10 minutes until Grandpa Martin looked at Ryan and said, "Who's Daddy?" I pointed and Ryan and Grandpa said, "You are?" And then finally his mom turned around and said, "What are you guys talking about?" She finally saw Ryan's shirt after he had stood almost 2 feet from her for 15 minutes. haha. Not exactly as planned, but it was pretty funny.
Gotta love the fam.

The Sweetest Little Noises

Today was our 2nd appointment with the doctor. I was super excited because she told me last appointment that we would probably be able to pick up a heartbeat.

She was right! It didn't take long, as soon as she stuck that little ultrasonic device on my belly, there was a heartbeat and it was strong!! Ryan's head immediately flew up, "Whoa, that is cool!" Then he had to be funny and say, "Phew, I guess that means there is only one in there!" I have to admit...he is right. If we had twins...holy moly...I don't know where they would both fit! I'm not sure how one is going to fit in my belly! Let's hope that one isn't hiding. This will be interesting for sure.

Yesterday was my first embarrasing mood swing. So I teach the sunbeams with another girl who is due any day now. We have about 12 kids and only 2-3 are girls. The rest...boys....rowdy obnoxious boys. So I had my lesson all fixed up with a coloring activity and treats. Just in case my partner didn't make it. She usually brings all the kid toys and the treats. She's super duper good with them. Well, apparently color pages are not a good idea. It was great for one reason, and that one reason was that it kept them entertained the last part of class. But the worst part...when we got to primary, those color pages immediately turned into toy guns, telescopes and paper airplanes. How do 3 year olds come up with this stuff?? They were OUT OF CONTROL. The two of us could not handle them. They were shooting their guns, peering through their telescopes, throwing papers, moving chairs all over the primary room, stacking them, fighting over who's chair was who's. truly was a bad day. So after we got them back to their parents I met up with Ryan and immediately started crying. He was staring at me with the widest eyes I'd ever seen. He didn't know what to think or what to do. It was so random!! Needless to say, we had to go home because I couldn't compose myself. Now that I think about it, it just makes me laugh!!

Talk about some serious hormones. Whew.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yay for Flinstones!

Is that how you spell that? Flinstones..? or is it Flintstones?? Heck...I don't care, but hooray for those silly little kid vitamins!!

Easter was a BAD day for little miss prego. Dinner didn't set well and a combination of bad perfume really threw me for a loop. I'm probably the biggest whiner ever, but I was even out from work on Monday. So I called the doctor. Finally, at 7:00 that night they called back with a different prescription vitamin and told me to take flinstone vitamins instead of prenatals. Talk about a gift from god because I have only thrown up once since Tuesday! HOORAY!!!! And I'm more waking up with horrible stomach aches. Life is good this week. Life is good.

This pregnancy is looking up....and i'm only 2 months...whew....whiner...big big whiner. And I can eat! And different foods other than spaghetti, lasagna and goulash. Ya...something about that tomato stuff had me drooling the last couple weeks. It was all I could eat, and the only meat I could eat. But now...we're movin on up to my homemade sweet & sour chicken, and fried chicken burgers. Hello tasty!

You know what else is weird. . . I actually wake up at 2 or 3 every morning and start thinking about what I want for breakfast. Cause I'm going to have to eat..and fast....or I'm going to be losing my stomach.

I have some pics I want to post of the little onesies that I made. Telling the parents wasn't just a phone call, it was a full on event. I'll have to post them later tonight if I can break away from the sewing machine.

Why can't I break away?? Well....GOOD NEWS! FinnFancies is going into a local store. SO SO excited! This could be my big debut. lol....probably not. But I'm excited to get my stuff out so I have a place to send potential customers. Sometimes it's hard to compete in the gigantic online pool of amazing artists.

This last week I have managed to cut 39 pouches, 20 wallets and 5 zipper pouches. I'm now working on cutting the lining, applying that, and then sewing away. The rest of the good news is that I haven't sliced my finger off yet. I'm notorious for being a little clumsy with the rotary cutter. My poor husband starts sweating when I pull that thing out.....gets a little nervous... I doubt he wants a 3 fingered wife. And I don't want to be the 3 fingered wife. Wierd. Just wierd.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

9 Weeks

I've made it to 9 weeks. The last 4 weeks have been horrible. :( I have been meaning to post some pics, but, I have been so sick I just haven't been able to do so. Took this one today and I still look like I just died and came back to life. My mom was very sick with me, so I was a little concerned that I would have the same problem. Unfortunately, I do. The sickness is all night, all morning, and then again after work. And sometimes during the day. We go to the doctor again next Monday, so we'll see then if she has to put me on IV treatment. Yikes....lets hope not! That won't be fun.

I have a little belly, but not much. Baby is only the size of grape! The camo pants are the only pants that fit right now besides my work pants. Thankfully those fit...since I have to wear them every day. All my jeans...well those are out of the question. I've been trying to find some and haven't found any in a small enough size that aren't 100.00 or more. Looks like I might be going with the unbuttoned pants and the trusty belly band. And I swear my feet are growing... or maybe I've really lost my mind..??

They say that pregnant women do all sorts of crazy stuff, well it's true. Last week when I was driving home from doing some shopping, I couldn't remember which foot was supposed to press the brake pedal. And this should be easy because one foot does have to press on the clutch. duh! Um....hint that maybe I should not be driving? Good thing work is only like 2 miles away. I forget peoples names, call them by different names, I'm a total clutz. Let's just say that the beetle has had more than one drink spilled in the passenger seat in the last month. Poor car is going to have to be seriously shampooed. Good thing they were all clear drinks.

I'm having a hard time eating anything because of just comes right back up. I need the protein, but any meat makes me run for the bathroom. Ground hamburger in spaghetti is about is meat as I can get!

haha...and clearly I need a tan! Yikes....the paleness is horrid. Spring, please come soon! Anyway, thought I would give a little update. Not much else to tell...just the normal story from any lil prego. Next week's appointment we get to hear the heartbeat. Well...maybe. Doctor says she can always hear it at 10 weeks, but sometimes the parents can't pick it up. Not sure if that means ultrasound or just some listening device...who knows! We'll see soon enough!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

More on that later....

Alright, so in my last post I mentioned that I'm exhausted and taking a break from alot of important things in my life. Well, here's why:

We're finally expecting a baby in November. My little "blueberry" (hehe, thats the size right now) is a bit more important that those other important things I'm "breaking" from.

Yup. Finally, its our turn. Finally. No more hounding us because we're finally preggo. Geez, I thought I was going to rip someone's head off if one more person asked when we would have kids. :) It was hard to realize, but I believe that kids come on their own terms, and they come when its the right time. May not seem like it, but they do.

I've been nothing but a couch potato lately. I'm just worn out! Dozing off at work, 15 minute naps at lunch time, and as soon as I get home and eat dinner, I'm on the couch and asleep again. Last week is when the sickness started. Mostly at night, which I was thankful for because I was at home and not at work. But now I'm dealing with dizziness and constant stomach aches. And is repulsive. Every last bit of it. Blah! Oh the joys! Hopefully this will all pass....

Anyway, I thought it was time to share the news with my friends before it breaks out on Facebook. hehe :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where in the world....

.....have we been? Well, I'm not really sure! Judging by the lack of posts on our blog, it appears that our family has disappeared into a black hole. But don't you worry, we've made it out!

I have been consuming myself into the wonderful world of "shopping". Yep, shopping. At least 2-3 times per week. This couponing thing has been amazing. I only spent $250.00 last month and saved over $300.00. It will only get better as our stockpile grows. I've managed to come home with a year supply of free body wash, toothpaste, and other items at rock bottom prices. That stuff is not cheap, so getting it free was like Christmas for me! Every Sunday afternoon I spend at least 2 hours sorting through my five newspapers and cutting coupons. I've went from an envelope, to a 1 inch binder, to a huge zipper binder chuck full of coupons organized in baseball card sheet protectors. I wouldn't be surprised if that binder weighed more than I do. But, it's my gold mine.

I've been lacking in the sewing department. For some reason right before Christmas, I just got worn out. Absolutely worn out. It was tough keeping up with orders and keeping stocked online for the rush. So I took a few weeks off and I haven't been able to jump back into the full swing of things. More on that later.... My sewing machine is depressed, I'm just not spending enough time with it. I found that I overwhelm myself. Signing up for this and helping someone with that. I've really got to learn to say no. If you can believe it, I'm even taking a break from the Animal Shelter. And that, my friends, was a tough decision. I love volunteering there, right now I will plan to maybe help with some fundraisers, but in the mean time, it's break time. I've over exerted myself and I'm exhausted. More on that later as well....

A few other things, Lucy is going bald. haha, just kidding. My poor little Lucy dog has really bad skin allergies. Well they got so bad that she started developing a bald spot on her back! Serious.... her hair started falling out. So I pulled on it and a huge chunk came out! Ahh! So I took her to the vet and got her some meds. Hair is growing back. Thankfully, she's black, and white spot on her back is hard not to notice. Poor thing. Who ever knew that animals could suffer from the same crap humans do?

Anyway, thats all for now. A touch on my "more on that later" Later.

Joey....well, he's behaving himself. He was locked in the laundry room while we were gone to work for a month or so. We couldn't have any more chewed up carpet. I think he has learned his lesson. We started letting him out for a few hours at a time between our lunch hours and he was good. So now we are back to full days out and he's not chewing on anything he's not supposed to be. **Knock on wood**

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So yesterday I was telling you about my new coupon adventure. I'm going to convert you all because this really is worth it. Here's how my trip went.


4 Jars of Ragu & 2 Jars of Mayo - Total spent $5.48

Fred Meyer

3 bags of chips
2 boxes cereal
3 boxes crackers
2 pints sour cream
4- 12 packs pop - Total spent $26.24

My total savings was 74%! Granted....the chips and the crackers are more snack foods, but thats ok because these are things we go through with my snacky husband! And those are the most expensive items at the grocery store. I'd say I did pretty good for my first small trip.

First thing I want you to do. . your local newspaper and ask them if they have a deal for you to receive 5 copies of the Sunday newspaper. Yes FIVE!!! Four at the least. They will most likely have a good deal for you. The Times News in Twin Falls has a coupon clippers deal which is 7 day a week delivery and 4 extra on Sunday for $18.00 a month until I cancel. That gives me 5 copies on Sunday. I figured it's about .40 a paper. You can't beat that. You really only need the Sunday paper, but some will require you to take all 7 days. You don't want to just go buy it every Sunday because it will cost you around $1.50 per paper. Yikes!

Next thing I want you to do... . go to and read the 10 days to become a coupon clipper. It will give you all the scoop. And be patient, this poor girls website keeps going down due to all the traffic. So just keep checking if it doesn't work.

Third thing, add these websites to your favorites:

I'll keep you updated on my different trips to give you ideas and to see how it works!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


For the last few months I have been researching endlessly the art of couponing. Food costs have been driving me absolutely bonkers! I just couldn't figure out how a house of 2 people would create a grocery bill of $300.00 every month. ACK! That's alot of for food. I'm sure some of you with families are probably laughing at that number, but for 2 really is alot.

But you see....I have this problem. . . .it's called a husband. . . .and this husband eats and eats and eats everything!!! So that is why our grocery bill is so much. And he loves I always have to have something to snack on for him! Chips, crackers, popcorn. I'm not sure where he puts all the pounds from these snacks....he's pretty skinny!

I have finally decided to dive in and give it a try. So Sunday, I picked up 4 Times News Newspapers. Yes. . . 4. Apparently the first secret is stock piling your coupons. I spent 2 hours cutting and clipping coupons for items that I buy on a regular basis. I was actually really surprised at how many I had just from one newspaper. I couldn't figure out why I needed 4 newspapers. After a minute I realized...well duh camille, because if you want to buy more than one of each item, you need more than one coupon! Ya....the blondness is coming out more and more everyday....everyday I get dumber. :)

Anyway, tonight is my first experience. I'll be hitting up Albertsons and Fred Meyer. Albertsons put out some double coupons. Double coupons allow you to double the value of your manufacturer coupon. These are amazing! I figured I'll be spending about $38.00 and have saved $30.00. Not bad for my first trip.

I'm pretty excited about this. . . .hopefully I'll get better! Do you coupon?? Share your ideas! Trust me...everyone can do this, there are plenty of coupons to be printed and cut!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Love This Place!

I love this temple! Why? Well because it's a temple, and because it's the temple that Ryan and I were sealed in!! Saturday we got to go back and go through with Ryan's sister, who was receiving her own endowment. And of course friends and family were there too.

It was a great trip and a great day. A much needed feeling of peace from everyday life and stress. I love the feeling I have when I'm there, and especially when I'm there with Ryan. How lucky we are to have such a beautiful place to go and learn and be at peace.

Love it here, and so glad I got to go on Saturday. Can't wait to go again.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holey Carpet

Sooo........ Tuesday night I came home and Ryan says, "Hey Mille come here I have a surprise for you!" I'm thinking oh yay! I love surprises!! Our friend Alfred was over and he says, "Oh Camille you better close your's a good one." As I'm walking into the living room, I almost stumbled over this......

Yep....a 2 inch perfectly round hole in my pretty carpet!!!! Not exactly the surprise I was hoping for. SAD FACE :( Wondering which "child" of ours did this....

Here he sweet Joey....he is the culprit of the holey carpet. Although I wanted to strangle him, I just couldn't do it! Look at this sweet face! He's smiling...he thinks it's funny. Ryan said that he had piled all his toys on top of the hole. He didn't even see it until he started picking up the toys! Jo must have known he was in trouble....trying to cover it up. Geez...
What does one do about holey carpet? And holey carpet right in the middle of your living room? Who the heck knows....
I'm telling you....God is preparing us for real children!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Forgetting the LITTLE things....

Happy New Year Everyone!

I can't believe it's already 2010. Where has the time gone??

So...funny story about forgetting little things.

I went to get my hair cut and colored last night. I was setting in the chair chatting away while waiting for Sandy, my stylist, to come out and fix me up. So she says, "Camille, you tan here right?" I said, "yes..." She walks out of her office and grabs a little something off the counter and says, "hehe, are these yours?"

The next thing I know, she is holding up a skimpy lacey pair of sweet "nothings". I could hardly contain myself I was laughing so hard! I said, "'re kidding right!? Someone did not leave those in your tanning bed!!??" Sandy says, "Yep...left in my tanning bed. Cute, sassy nice little panties! Victoria's Secret even!" I had to ask her if she washed them because she was handling them like they were her own. Holding them up, looking away! Thankfully she said yes.

What was even more funny....The whole time I was thinking...haha, Oh Sandy, little do you underwear looks NOTHING like that! Only you my fellow LDS lovelies really know what kind of fancy sweet nothings we wear under our clothes.

This left me does one forget to put on their underwear?? Isn't that the first thing you put on in the morning? Ok...personal...I know...but geez! How do you forget???

It's the little things we always forget right? Well, these were very little, and must have been the forgotten little thing to the owner of those frilly fancies!

Lesson learned...please don't leave your underwear in the tanning bed. Chances are, when you go back, they'll be framed in the lobby with a sign that says, "Please remember to take all your belongings when you leave." hehehe!!!!