Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oink Oink!

I just got these slippers, and am convinced that they are the coolest slippers ever!!! I would have preferred little froggy's, but....they didn't have my size, so I settled for the piggys. When I walk around their little ears flop! So so cute. Ok, sorry, kind of a dumb blog post, but I thought it was super cute picture.
We are finally back from Idaho Falls....and back to work tomorrow! We're going to put up our Christmas tree tomorrow!! Can't wait! Also.....I will be back up in Idaho Falls on the 13th for another craft fair at the Hampton Inn on Channing Way. Its from 10 - 6, if any of you can make it....please come! I love to see you all!


Brittney said...

Woohoo! Your blog looks great! What are you talking about? You are a natural! I love your slippers by the way. I wanted fuzzy slippers for Christmas last year and my husband said they were lame!! But I will get some this year! They rock! Can't wait to hear more!:)

Zajanc Family said...
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Zajanc Family said...

Your slippers are cute! Oh and your bags are way cute also. Do you make those?

Camille & Ryan Darrington said...

Yup, I do make those bags! I'm a crazy addict now.... its scary!! :) Keeps me busy though.