Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Sweet Lucy!

Many of you that know me, know that I LOVE animals. I think they are the absolute best! This is my little Lucy, as if I haven't posted pictures of her before! :) We bought a new patio set and Lucy obviously has claimed it as her own.
I took a few pictures of her because she just looked so cute setting there! She is my little baby!
We really had to get something because our patio isn't shaded at all and the sun just shines on it all day long. We have a trek deck and that stuff gets HOT! I kind of like it because I like the heat, but when it gets 100 + degrees outside....I'm not so sure I'm going to like it. So I'm glad we bought the matching umbrella.

Here is Lucy again, she is obviously annoyed that I keep flashing a camera in front of her face!

Not much has been going on in our lives. I hate to say it, because I might jinx myself, but life around here has been a little quiet. I shouldn't say that, I'm sure my husband is in the next room brewing up his next prank.... I'll be sure to let you all know when he pulls that off!
I'm getting better at the whole joke thing. The other day he ordered a new Scotty Cameron Head Cover for his putter. This head cover was a special edition released only for Cinco De Mayo. Well we thought they were all black, but apparently Scotty made some white ones as well. If you got the white one then you were lucky because they are selling on ebay for around $1000.00. Ryan was just SURE he was getting a white one. He had the head cover delivered to me at the bank. I got it on Wednesday and it was a black one, so I decided that I would call Ryan...and this is what I said, " Ryan, its Mille, I got your headcover today....and its a WHITE one!!" LONG PAUSE....."Just kidding!! Its black, see ya later!"
He was so ticked. He calls it the $1000 prank.
Ok, you probably didn't think it was funny, but I was just glad to do something to him!
Anyway, I've been awfully tired lately, and its only Thursday, so I'm headed to bed!


Lori said...

Lucy is adorable. She almost makes me want a dog. Almost! Take care, your deck looks great!

Kendra said...

hahaha Camille, your blog always makes me laugh. I just love it that you have a prankster husband!!! :) You dog is pretty darn adorable. I love the faces it looks like she is pulling. She really does look like she is annoyed with you!