Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nothing New....

I figured that since I haven't posted in awhile....I would try to find something to post about....

Here's a few random things that have been happening in our house lately:

1. Our new umbrella took flight and landed over the deck in the back yard. Thanks to this lovely Idaho wind. I was outside when this happened, and I just sat there like, "What the heck just happened?" So I was yelling at Ryan to come outside and help me. Of course he isn't paying attention, so I left the umbrella hanging over the side of the deck and went inside...he just laughed and said, "what did you do that for?' I said, " I didn't do it! The wind did!" Sometimes I wonder if he is really listening... lol. Anyway, umbrella is safe and the shed! Since the wind won't stop blowing....we had to put it away. :(

2. Lovely Idaho wind broke our fence! ahhh!! And almost smashed Ryan in its fury. He was trying to take the lawn mower out front when a gust grabbed the gate and flung it a direction it does not normally go! Oh the joys of being a homeowner. Mr. Fix It has fixed that though.

3. Do any of you have a garbage disposal? I'm starting to wonder if those things are just dumb. Want to know why? Well...because they stink!!!! Holy smokes...or maybe its just ours...I don't know. But it seems like after we use it...the next day when we come home from lunch, it smells like someone died in our house. Literally. Coffee beans have been my saving grace......just dump them down the drain and wahlah! Stink free.

4. Sunday was boring...let me give a little insight to how bored Ryan was. I was playing on the computer when the next thing I know, he is hiding underneath our purple blanket and he is hollering at Lucy. Of course she just sets by me and looks at him like he's gone retarded. So he stands up underneath this blanket and tells me he is pretending to be a giant blob that is going to swallow up Lucy the dog. ok...... Well...moving on...Lucy wasn't that interested, so he thought he would try to swallow me in his giant blob. I was not too happy about this....because of my one eyed pain...story below... Who's husband pretends like they are a giant blob? Mine!

5. I am now a one eyed mutant. Ok not really, but I feel that way! Saturday morning I woke up to some serious pain in my left eye. I figured my contact was just folded up. So I took it out and went back to sleep. Well, my pain didn't go away and my eye was just really red. I figured I was getting pink eye. Sunday came and my eye was still hurting horribly. Felt like someone was stabbing it repeatedly. Ouch. Monday I went to the doctor and somehow I have managed to scratch my cornea. Not just a little scratch. a huge one! It is now Wednesday...I have had this scratched cornea for 4 days now, not getting better. :(

My eye is really sensitive to the light, so I was joking about needing a pirates patch. Low and behold, Ryan had a great idea! Wrap my head with a bandana! So, I gave him the bandana and he wrapped away, and covered my eye. It was working perfectly. Except I looked like I belonged in Pirates of the Caribbean. All night Ryan wandered around the house with Lucy and he would say, " Arrggg Matey, off to mop the deck for captain finn!" Sometimes.....I just wonder where he comes up with this stuff...??

oh well...makes me laugh, makes me mad...makes me just a moody old Camille! :)


Stephanie Rolfe Furniss said...

I love your posts! You make me laugh so hard!
Garbage disposals do stink! They are so nasty! I never use it for anything other than small pieces that accidentally got dropped in there. Otherwise... yuck!
Sorry about your eye! I've had infection in both eyes for a week now and they are finally starting to feel better. I hope your eye gets better soon. There is nothing worse than having your eye hurt and not being able to see! It drives me crazy!

Kendra said...

haha you are so funny! My trick with the garbage disposal is to put lemon rhines (is that the word? Lemon peel.....) and grind them up. Then your disposal will smell lemony fresh :) and if you put egg shells down there and grind them, it is supposed to sharpen the disposal blades.

linds&lance said...

Camilley it has been way too long since we have kept in touch! Like your wedding I think! It looks like your doing well we really do need to catch up