Tuesday, February 2, 2010


For the last few months I have been researching endlessly the art of couponing. Food costs have been driving me absolutely bonkers! I just couldn't figure out how a house of 2 people would create a grocery bill of $300.00 every month. ACK! That's alot of for food. I'm sure some of you with families are probably laughing at that number, but for 2 really is alot.

But you see....I have this problem. . . .it's called a husband. . . .and this husband eats and eats and eats everything!!! So that is why our grocery bill is so much. And he loves I always have to have something to snack on for him! Chips, crackers, popcorn. I'm not sure where he puts all the pounds from these snacks....he's pretty skinny!

I have finally decided to dive in and give it a try. So Sunday, I picked up 4 Times News Newspapers. Yes. . . 4. Apparently the first secret is stock piling your coupons. I spent 2 hours cutting and clipping coupons for items that I buy on a regular basis. I was actually really surprised at how many I had just from one newspaper. I couldn't figure out why I needed 4 newspapers. After a minute I realized...well duh camille, because if you want to buy more than one of each item, you need more than one coupon! Ya....the blondness is coming out more and more everyday....everyday I get dumber. :)

Anyway, tonight is my first experience. I'll be hitting up Albertsons and Fred Meyer. Albertsons put out some double coupons. Double coupons allow you to double the value of your manufacturer coupon. These are amazing! I figured I'll be spending about $38.00 and have saved $30.00. Not bad for my first trip.

I'm pretty excited about this. . . .hopefully I'll get better! Do you coupon?? Share your ideas! Trust me...everyone can do this, there are plenty of coupons to be printed and cut!


Brittney said...

I haven't done couponing but I've heard it's great. I need a printer! :) But when I'm good and ready to start doing it I'll get ahold of you so you can teach me the in's and outs! :)

Sandi said...

You wouldn't want to live here then. I now spend at least $300 a week on groceries. My bill has almost doubled.