Friday, August 7, 2009

Petunia the Bobble Head Piggy Bank

Ok, so I have been posting strange things on Facebook for the last two weeks. These strange things have all been about my gigantic bobble head pig, and stuffing chicken wire.
You were all a little confused, but now, I am going to clear all this up!
This is our parade float this year. Completely designed by myself, I guess I'm tooting my own horn because I'm proud of my piggy! I couldn't have put it together without the help of my friends at work, but thankfully we finished it up and it turned out great!
Pictured left to right: Teena, Dawn, Vanessa, Jerrine, Jackie, Camille, Esteban & Rosa

Pictures are kind of hard to see, but yes, I am carrying a cardboard mound of fake money. I wonder what our customers thought when they came in and Rosa and I were coloring fake money at my desk for 2 days straight....

Here is a close up of Petunia's face. I wish I would have taken a video of her during the parade so you all could see her head bobbling. It was hilarious.
Petunia the pig has now made her home in the lobby of our bank. Can I just say that I am so lucky to work for a bank that allows me to let out my creative side at work?