Monday, August 3, 2009

Have I Ever Told You?

Have I ever told you all how much I just love our little Lucy dog? She is...without a doubt...the most spoiled dog EVER! I was trying to think about something to blog about...but I'm so boring lately that I couldn't think of anything!! So I was looking through the pictures on my computer and I saw these. It then dawned on me how loved little miss Lucy really is....

This picture above was taken on a Saturday morning....this is not an unusual sighting at our house. Yes, I am hiding underneath the bedspread. For some reason I really don't care for pillows so I sleep on my stomach most of the time and just hide under the blanket. Well, apparently Lucy did not want the pillow to go to waste, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Have you ever seen a dog snuggle herself right up next to you and lay on a pillow like a human? Yes....Thats my Lucy, she does it every single night. I wake up and she is in the same place, stealing my pillow, snuggled up as close as she can get. I just love her to pieces. And I'm so lucky to have a husband who allows her to snuggle herself right there! Ha...don't ever let him kid you, he loves her just as much as me!


Coleman, Ashley and Cash said...

haha! Will she still be as loved when you have a baby?!? :) Super cute hair by the way! And this was like the 3rd year rigby has done the fireworks... crazy, eh? They do a pretty decent little show though... we've enjoyed it!

Stephanie Rolfe Furniss said...

My dog does the exact same thing!!! Only she weighs 50lbs! Mine is just as spoiled too! She gets whatever she wants and is always snuggled up to Trey or me.