Tuesday, September 8, 2009


In about 7 days, I will have lived in Jerome for exactly 3 years. Not sure why I'm thinking about that. I guess because its review time at work and the 18th marks 3 years with First Fed. Yay! Seems like just yesterday that I moved and cried my eyes out as soon as my parents left me all alone in a town where I knew no one.

I remember thinking a few times why in the heck did I ever move here? It's like little tijuana, people shoot people and vandalize everything in sight. I couldn't go outside by myself unless I was on the phone with Ryan.

And now, I look back and I think, "Wow, how different I would be if I never would have moved." Moving has completely brought me out of my shell. I had to grow up, mom wasn't around the corner driving past my house every day, I was on my own, and I had to find new friends to hang out with. It's amazing how one move can change your life.

The other day I went for a drive back behind the Jerome Country Club. I had always known that there was a road back there, but never knew where it went. So I decided to go explore. I'm thinking that the road I took the bug down was probably a little too rough, and skinny I might add. And I totally didn't have a clue where it would go. Luckily I got down in the canyon a ways and there was a turn around spot. Leave it to me to go exploring when I'm by myself. At least it was still day light outside!! Good thing I didn't get stuck...Ryan probably would have killed me!

One of things I love about Twin and Jerome the most is the Canyon. I remember seeing it for the first time 3 years ago, and for some reason I was in awe. So, I took a few pictures while I was on my adventure.

It seems like no matter where you go, if you are in the canyon, there is a waterfall somewhere. They are so beautiful. I love them. Wierd, probably, but they interest me.

This picture is looking down from where I was standing. You could still go farther down, but I figured I had done enough damage going as far as I had gone. I love it. It's almost like an unknown world down there.


Our summer has been kind of slow, not much going on. Which is are a few more pictures............. bet you can't guess what they are of. :)

Here's my pretty Lucy again! lol. Poor dog, she is the culprit of all of my camera snapping frenzies. Love my dog, yes! A little too much? Probably! But thats ok, at the end of the day, when I come home, she is always excited to see me and Ryan!!!

And now, Ryan........

One day he got into my facebook and decided to yearbook himself. There was probably 20 different pictures!! I hope he never decides to grow dreads. By the time he was done with my facebook, I had about 10 new friends I didn't even know and 20 more year book pictures to add to the collection.
Today was our first day back to work since August 28th. We had 11 days off work! YAY! We spent the weekend with my parents. Ryan played in an amatuer golf tournament for 2 days. He took 2nd place. I've never seen him so excited in my life. Well, I take that back, he was pretty excited the day he went golfing with Alfred and shot 1 under par. I'm telling you, golf is his first love!!
We came home on Monday and later on in the week we decided to go fishing with Ryan's dad in Glenns Ferry. They just purchased a new fishing boat. That day was probably the most relaxing out of all. It wasn't too hot outside so I was able to just lay on the front of the boat and take a nap while they fished.
The rest of the time we spent hanging out with friends and then I started reading Twilight. Now I'm addicted, just like everyone else!
Anyway, not much else going on, back to work, back to sewing. Vaca is ovvverrr :(.


Lori said...

I lived in Mountain Home until I was 8 and used to fish in Glen's Ferry. I'm glad you are doing well! Continue to look for the beautiful things around you!

Kendra said...

You are so funny Camille! I can't see you just wondering off by yourself :) hahaha. I am happy for you! You seem like you are doing so well. Oh yea, speaking of well, you should send me some more business cards. Every time someone asks about my purse of wallet (which is usually at least 1 time per day) I tell them that my friend made it and she is awesome. Anyway, if they keep asking, I tell them you have an online shop and give them your card. I hope I have generated at least a little business for ya! I have given out all but one card. If you send me more, I will keep doing it! I really do get asked all the time about it!!!