Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall - With a Few Surprises

Fall came this year with a few surprises, and of those few surprises....none of them were very nice!!
The first surprise....Snow....
Last time I checked.....didn't fall consist of beautiful leaves changing colors and falling all around? And the sunshine...fall always has the most beautiful soft sunshine.
I woke up Sunday morning and got up to let Lucy out. Total shock, I screamed, " OH MY GOSH!! RYAN!!! You HAVE to get up and come see this!! IT SNOWED!! It's still snowing!!"
He came running and we both hid behind the curtain peeking out the window glaring at the white stuff covering the ground.
I had to hurry and brush off the patio furniture so it didn't get ruined.

And my flowers!! The day before they were so pretty and still full of flowers! ahhh!!! Now they are drooping and sad!! :(

The next surprise fall brought.... My husband isn't working right now. Not exactly the best time! Anywho, times are tough, jobs are scarce, and its snowing. Ok, it's not snowing anymore, but it was!
I think it's actually a blessing that my husband is no longer working where he was. It wasn't a good place to work and he was so very unhappy. Both of us were. Now we are doing ok, just digging and digging around for a better job. Hopefully god has a plan in store for us! I'm guessing he does, I'm hoping it's a good one.

Everything happens for a reason right?
Happy fall! Or um...winter? Which season is it? And have I been sleeping for the past 6 weeks?


Lori said...

I forgot you went private and was surprised at your post. Wow that is some snow there! I miss you and I pray that things work out for Ryan. Things do happen for a reason. Hold your head up!

Hobley's said...

hope the job search goes well. times are tough. and i can't believe the snow either!! ugh. i'm dreading winter!