Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Forgetting the LITTLE things....

Happy New Year Everyone!

I can't believe it's already 2010. Where has the time gone??

So...funny story about forgetting little things.

I went to get my hair cut and colored last night. I was setting in the chair chatting away while waiting for Sandy, my stylist, to come out and fix me up. So she says, "Camille, you tan here right?" I said, "yes..." She walks out of her office and grabs a little something off the counter and says, "hehe, are these yours?"

The next thing I know, she is holding up a skimpy lacey pair of sweet "nothings". I could hardly contain myself I was laughing so hard! I said, "'re kidding right!? Someone did not leave those in your tanning bed!!??" Sandy says, "Yep...left in my tanning bed. Cute, sassy nice little panties! Victoria's Secret even!" I had to ask her if she washed them because she was handling them like they were her own. Holding them up, looking away! Thankfully she said yes.

What was even more funny....The whole time I was thinking...haha, Oh Sandy, little do you underwear looks NOTHING like that! Only you my fellow LDS lovelies really know what kind of fancy sweet nothings we wear under our clothes.

This left me does one forget to put on their underwear?? Isn't that the first thing you put on in the morning? Ok...personal...I know...but geez! How do you forget???

It's the little things we always forget right? Well, these were very little, and must have been the forgotten little thing to the owner of those frilly fancies!

Lesson learned...please don't leave your underwear in the tanning bed. Chances are, when you go back, they'll be framed in the lobby with a sign that says, "Please remember to take all your belongings when you leave." hehehe!!!!


Brittney said...

HAHAHAHA that's so great! I agree who forgets to put those things on! I remember in school some girls would say after PE or something that they had forgotten to put a bra on. Never in my worst Nightmare would I forget that most important thing! lol! I do miss the cute little sweet nothings tho they were fun! :)thanks for the laugh today!!