Monday, May 10, 2010

Puppies, Puppies Everywhere!

Relax.... not real puppies! That wouldn't be good.... Anyway, So you all know I'm obsessed with fabric and I'm constantly searching online for the newest stuff for my bags and wallets. Well the other day I came across these little lovely's......

Yes....I'm officially convinced that this is the most adorable fabric I've ever seen! I saw it and made up my mind, if we find out that our wee little lemon (size this week) is a boy, you can bet that there will be something in his room made with these fabrics!!

I'm contemplating doing my own crib bedding.....I might be completely out of my mind though. If I did it myself then I could pick exactly what I wanted. These two prints would be so cute mixed together for crib bedding...and even cuter if I were to throw in this print.....

I'm smitten. These. Are. Perfect.
So, now for an update on how we've been doing. Today starts my 2nd trimester. Wohoo! They say you're supposed to start feeling better....i'm thinking "they" are a bunch of liars. :) Or, maybe week 13 decided to end 1st trimester with intent of never being forgotten. Here's how last week went....
*Monday, came down with a sore throat.
*Tuesday, sore throat turned into a head cold. Went to the doctor and he said, "Sorry, you can take tylenol and suck on some halls." My thoughts, ugh, I just paid you how much money to tell me that? Why did I make an attempt to even come in here for help? And, thanks for freaking me out since you couldn't find my babies heartbeat for what seemed like a century! This isn't my normal doctor, I went to her husband because she doesn't work on Tuesdays. So I went home from work Tuesday afternoon in hopes of kicking this cold in the butt with a serious dose of "SLEEP" Tylenol doesn't work. Tuesday night, chills, low fever and throw up. Yep....pretty sure I've got the flu.
*Wednesday, still throwing up everything I already threw up Tuesday and all Tuesday night. I couldn't stop. I was one crazy barfing machine. Disgusting. to the doctor again. But this time, both my doctors were out, so here we go with doctor number 3. Thank heavens he is hot of the press, just out of medical school. Pretty up to date on his stuff. This guy checked to make sure I wasn't starving the baby since I was starving myself, found the heartbeat in less than 30 seconds and even helped my fat pregnant self up off the table. How considerate! He knows how hard it is for a pregnant lady to set up, even though you're only 13 weeks, you still feel like a cow and you still can't move like a normal human. Or maybe I'm just not a normal human?? Doctor prescribed me a miracle pill. Some dissolvable tablet. The second that pill was dissolved, my stomach stopped hurting and the vomiting stopped immediately. Thank you thank you thank you!! I could eat!
*Now you tell me why they don't have a pill like that, that pregnant woman can take every day for nausea?*
The first doctor that comes out with that pill, and deems it safe to take during pregnancy, and as often as daily, is going to be the most loved doctor ever! He'll need to run, and run far far away because he'll be being chased and smothered by fat pregnant ladies all over! We'll just want to show him our gratitude for his invention.
*Thursday, still a little sick. Still didn't go to work, but was able to at least wash the blankets and the bedding. I didn't want poor Ryan to get my flu bug!
Wow, what a week huh....dear Mr. Flu Bug, if you ever come back while I'm pregnant again, you will be so sorry. AHHH!