Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet 16!

Alright, here we are, momma and baby. 16 weeks. I'm growing. . . . in areas I didn't think I could grow! All the sudden that lil belly popped out of nowhere. I'm kind of glad it did, because before I just looked like I had a gut. I'm not to picture friendly these days. . . I scare myself.

Not much to report. . . .in a couple weeks I have more blood testing and then hopefully on June 21st I can have an ultrasound. We need to find out what this little bugger is! I hate not being prepared. I've never been able to run on the spur of a moment. Drives me bonkers. This is driving me bonkers....much patience is needed! And then I stress myself out even more when I realize how much "stuff" we are about to add to our house for this little baby... I'm still trying to figure out where the queen bed and sewing room are going to go....and how they are going to be mixed in together.
I haven't had any wierdo cravings like some women have. I do really like Cherry Limeade's from Sonic, and of course, french fries. And sometimes I really want oranges. But thats about it! The funny thing is, everywhere I look, I see pregnant women. I never noticed them before, but my....they are everywhere! :)
Happy Monday, lets hope for a good week!


Coleman, Ashley and Cash said...

I am so happy for you... i craved oranges when i was pregnant too! ... and funny how many ladies you stat to notice that are pregnant... how fun! It is an amazing journey! enjoy it... when you find out what you are having you will still have time to get everything done... but i remember feeling that EXACT same way when i was preg w/Cash. It goes so quick though... all of a sudden they are turning 3! (and #2 is almost 1!!)