Friday, September 24, 2010

How the Summer went

Lots has been going on this summer! It seems like I can't keep my head on straight! A few recent things. A few weeks ago Ryan's family had a huge get together for Grandpa Martin. He has been sick so we all got together one last time for a family dinner. Was a fun time. I really like this picture of Ryan and Grandpa. They are 2 of a kind!

This picture below is of Ryan's immediate family. Next to Ryan is Jaron's girlfriend Laura and she is holding Daphnie's little girl Lucy. Next to Laura is Jaron, Ryan's brother. Then Daphnie, Ryan's sister, then Chris, Daphnie's husband, then Ryan's mom Alice. Sitting below Alice is Ron, Ryan's dad. Then little Emma, also Daphnie's daughter is setting on Grandpa JoAnn's lap. And Grandpa Martin is holding Porter, Daphnies little boy. Porter was born in May, so he and Parks will be the same age!! That will be nice....or maybe lots of trouble!

We didn't make any family trips this year. We have mostly been sticking around home due to my growing belly. Here are a few pics I haven't posted....

Below is me at 6 months.

The picture below was taken at 7 months.

And finally, picture below is the most recent, taken at 8 months.

I'm currently 34 weeks. Definitely getting ready. Starting to have lots of little complications. I guess thats the rules of the game. Visits to the doctor have been frequent, but so far little Parks is doing well. He has already turned upside down and positioned himself to come out the right way! Lets hope he doesn't decide to flip in the next few weeks.

My ankles have decided to welcome swelling and are now huge! See picture probably will be disgusted. I am. Thank heavens it's not summer cause I do not want to be showing these bad boys off.

My shoes officially do not fit. Not so bad I pass to wear flip flops to work. My flip flops are more comfortable than shoes anyhow!
I must be getting excited, every night I have dreams about my little man. I sure hope he looks the same as the baby I'm dreaming of. The little baby I pack around in my dreams is teeny tiny with a head full of brown hair and looks just like Ryan when he was a little baby. Can't wait to see him. I really can't wait to just get him out of my's getting hard to pack him around. Even though he isn't that big!
Well, thats all for now. Hopefully I can make a few more posts before Parks comes. If not, I'll definitely be back for posting pictures of him!