Friday, January 23, 2009


Yes, you will be wondering the entire time you read this post, if my sanity is in check.

I think by now, most of you that know me really well, know that I absolutely adore animals. All of them, big and small, smelly or not, I love them. I think its amazing that we have these animals to keep us company when we're lonely, to be apart of our families.

I think this love for animals came from my own little dog, Lucy. It seems that she has been my pal for the last 6 years as I have went through some tough times. Wherever I go, Lucy goes, if I could stuff her in my purse and take her to work, I would. When I'm having a bad day, I just want to go home and play with her, I know she will make me laugh with her cute little face and excitement as soon as I come in the door. She is always excited to see me when I come home, and is always forgiving if I have yelled at her for something.

Now that I'm done expressing my love for a dog...I'll tell you what I've gotten myself into.

I am apart of the Ambassadors Club with the Chamber of Commerce in Jerome, and the other day an e-mail came across. In this e-mail was a heartfelt request for volunteers to help out at the animal shelter. Obviously, I must have been in one of those moods and all I could think of was those poor animals who are locked up in cages all day long with no one to let them out or play with them. And worst of all, they have to sleep on cold floors!! I was at the point where I was going to make pillow beds for all of them, but was advised that thats probably not a good idea as they do have accidents.

So, I decided I would volunteer to help. How bad could it be? One or two nights a week won't kill me to give a little attention to another animal who has been dumped off at the shelter or abused because people are ignorant enough to not take care of their animals or give them the love and attention they need. They have feelings too!!

Wednesday night was my orientation, the first time I got to go over to the shelter and see what its all about. Boy was I in for a shock. Not only is the animal shelter located far off the main road, its chuck full of dogs needing homes, food, and clean sleeping quarters. We were taken into the back of the shelter where they keep the dogs. Basically we were taught how to scoop poop and spray and mop down the stalls.

I think that you all know that I am pretty small too...I'm talking not even 5 ft tall.... well, some of these dogs...are bigger than I am!! I was told to go to Walmart, purchase some overalls, and some rain boots. I couldn't quite imagine why, and then I was informed that when you get in the stall with the dogs, they are so excited that they jump, and they jump all over you. And if they have had an accident, chances are...its all over their paws, and after they are done jumping all over you....accident is going to be everywhere!! EEW!

Now you all know...why my sanity is in question...who the heck wants to go and scoop poop, and not get paid...I'm seriously volunteering to scoop poop!!

I'll tell you what I told my husband, "How would you feel if you had to eat and sleep in a stall where you have had to go potty because noone was there to let you out or clean up after you?"

Way too much compassion...way too much......


Katie said...

You are ridiculous. I mean that in the kindest of ways. :-)

Zajanc Family said...

That is so awesome! I love animals too. That is great you are volunteering to help them!!!