Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HaPpY nEw YeAr?

So its a new year...and I'm thinking to myself... What the heck am I going to do this year? What types of goals should I make for myself, my family...resolutions? I can't think of any!! Let me tell you why...

Went to Rigby this weekend to visit family, came home Sunday night to a freezing cold house with frozen water pipes. Whats even funnier...the first thing I said after we discovered the frozen pipes was, "Oh Ryan, Lucy doesn't have any water!!" haha...I was more worried about our dog not having any water than Ryan and I not having any water!

Have you ever had your pipes freeze? I sure haven't! So...I called the landlord, and he didn't even know what to do!! Ryan and I called all of our parents, of course they can't really help since they are all far away. So we decided to tough it out and wait for a plumber to come the next morning. Can I just tell you how interesting it is to not have any running water. Luckily I had a case of bottled water we could use to brush our teeth and clean up a bit. I won't even go into the bathroom facilities. I've never felt so disoriented in my whole life. I found myself trying to turn on the water a number of times, only to realize that nothing was coming out. Sometimes I don't think we really appreciate the value of the simplest things...such as running water.

My husband...bless his heart....was trying to be so helpful. He went outside and loaded up a plastic storage tub with snow...thinking it would melt and we would have water to dump in the toilet to flush it if needed. would have been easier to just drive down to Walmart and buy a tub of water...already melted.... But who wants to do that at 11:00 at night? And who would want to do something the easy way?

His great idea never really worked. Of course the snow wouldn't melt...and it was mostly just evaporating and what did melt was making a huge wet mess all over our bathroom. I know you are probably laughing right all of this and my ridiculous complaints.... :) Obviously we are all a little spoiled in our day and age, so spoiled we don't know what to do when we don't have water.

The plumber finally showed up around 11 the next morning, he hauled a gigantic propane tank and heater down under our house and after an hour the pipes unthawed and we had water again!!

And now...I'm thinking that I should make a New Years Goal to have some more gratitude for the simplest things in life, that we are all blessed with. Like running water for instance.


DIYhomemaker said...

Oh lucy...get a Redytemp installed in your home and not only will you no longer worry about frozen water pipes, you'll no longer be waiting for hot water in your whole house.

Kendra said...

Oh Camille! That sucks! And let me tell you that this is one of the joys of homeownership. Random, stupid things going wrong. Good thing you guys are getting your own place soon!! So, our house is pretty new so we haven't had that many things go wrong, but our front window cracked the other day (yea, that sucks, it's 600 bucks to fix) our dishwasher leaked once, flooded the kitchen several times (umm, because I kept running it thinking that the problem would fix itself...hahaha.....) and we had to replace our entire kitchen floor (which is pretty dang big!!! so, get ready because this is not going to be the last. :)

Brittney said...

hahaha, oh that totally sucks! It's true I have no idea what we would do without water... I guess running water to drink is the least of our worries! The Bathroom was probably horrible! What a great husband for trying to do something tho! I bet you can't wait to move!:)