Sunday, January 11, 2009

The TV is on fire!!!?

So it seems that life in the Darrington household proves to be quite interesting. You never know what kind of trouble is brewing....

The other day I was going about my usual business on Saturday, cleaning, laundry...ect ect. I was in the middle of vacuuming when the power decided to go out.....again!!! I looked at Ryan and he said, "Its your turn to go flip the breaker back on." Since when do you take turns flipping the breaker on everytime it blows? Well...since its an everyday occurance at our house, my husband decided he would be funny...and make it MY turn. So I put on my boots and off I went, out into Antartica (too much snow...) to flip the breaker back on.

Upon my entering back into the house, I started to take off my boots when my husband came running out of the living room screaming, "THE TV IS ON FIRE!! WE NEED TO GET OUT!! HURRY!! WHERE IS YOUR PHONE?" I'm thinking...what in the world is going on? I wanted to go look to see if it was really on fire, but he was so busy running around frantically like a crazy man I didn't know what to do!! I was trying to put my boots back on and I kept thinking that I needed to grab Lucy, but I couldn't find her. Then I said "The tv is not on fire Ryan!" And he just started laughing. I was so ticked off at him, but I wanted to laugh, because he did look ridiculous running around screaming that the TV was on fire. I could have done without that scare. Its not funny to pretend your house is on fire! Or something inside of it for that matter!

Then, yesterday as I was washing the dishes, I found myself being squirted with a spray bottle. Ryan thought it was SOOOO funny to grab my spray bottle and squirt me from the living room when I wasn't looking. Of course, I'm helpless when it comes to fighting back with him. So I finished washing the dishes, and decided that I would wrap clear tape around the spray nozzle on the sink. I was going to get him back....I'm tired of always getting picked on!! I'm horrible at hiding things too, I kept cracking up as I was sewing my purses, and Ryan kept asking what in the world was so funny.

I was just waiting for him to go into the kitchen and turn on the sink. Whats even funnier, is that I was scared at what would happen if he did get soaked, I knew he would get me back, and like I said...I can't fight back! I figured he would tackle me and tickle me to death for hours and I would be laughing so hard I would just have to deal with it, or try to bite him or something.

FINALLY, he went in there to make some brownies, he turned on the sink, but not all the way so he figured out what was going on before he got soaked. My big plan flopped. :( I really suck at pranks!! Obviously!

Who would have known that I married a prankster!! I must just look like I need someone to tease me!


Katie said...

That is so great! My dad is a huge prankster too and I love it. Too bad your sink one didn't work but I do have a few other ideas for you!

Brittney said...

I TOTALLY believe you need someone to tease you!!! I remember some mornings you would get to dance and try... to be miss grumpy! I actually remember dropping you in a stunt cause you were being a pain!!!!:)we got over it tho! But I totally love you!! That's hilarious that Ryan said the TV was on fire! first thing I thought was ... oh no she can't watch the Bachelor!! :) Life isn't very much fun without pesky husbands!!:)

Hobley said...

haha that is so funny. i was scared for your dog for a minute!

Kendra said...

hahaha! That is funny! I love that Ryan teases you. I want to know what happened when he turned on the sink!!! You have to tell the rest of the story. :)

Camille & Ryan Darrington said...

Nothing happened when he turned on the sink except that he only turned it on a little bit so he figured out what was going on before it started spraying like crazy!! AHHH!! He just walked around the house chuckling to himself saying "Oh Mille...the little prankster..." It was the evilest cackle ever!!