Friday, February 27, 2009


Someone once told me that what goes around, comes around, so don't get upset when someone does something that doesn't exactly "suit your fancy" so to speak.

The last two weeks have been absolutely CRAZY at our house. Let me explain...

Last Tuesday, my dearest husband, had to go into surgery to have his tonsils taken out. Once we got into his room and they had stuck an IV in his arm, I immediately knew that things were going to get a little bit on the strange side. How did I know this? Well, as Ryan was laying on this hospital bed in one of those oh so hot nightgowns, he proceeded to explain to me his death wishes.... case he was to die while he had his tonsils out.

These are those wishes:
1. Take the money I get from life insurance, and buy a lambo. And only I can drive this lambo.
2. If I am to marry again, new husband cannot drive the lambo, can't look at it, it is to remain in the garage at all times covered by a car cover, so new husband can't see it. Unless by chance I marry his cousin Cole, then cousin Cole can drive the lambo.
3. He proceeded to make a list of people who can drive the lambo, who can't drive it, who can't see it, who can...ect ect.

Anyhow, the list went on and on and all I could do was laugh and giggle because he was dead serious, but it was so funny because all I saw was Ryan in his funny hospital gown with knee high black grandpa socks hanging out. I just couldn't take him seriously.

The surgery only took about 30 minutes, but we were there from 8:00 until 2:00. Little did I know that the next week was going to be an absolute nightmare. Who ever knew that men were such whiners? I didn't! I thought they were supposed to be "tough" and act "tough" Holy cow was I in for a surprise.

Well, on Saturday afternoon, Ryan's eye started to swell up and he was getting a really bad eye infection. So he asked me to get an ice pack so he could put it on his eye. Obviously he was tired of holding the ice pack, so he asked me to get a piece of fabric or something to tie it around his head, so I did. Then, he couldn't see the tv, so he wanted his glasses so he could see....after I was done fixing him up, this is how he looked.....

HAHA!!! I love it!! Now this is payback for laughing at me when my face is numb and not moving correctly!! Look how retarded he looks after I've finished "doctoring" my patient. Anyone think I should be a nurse?? :)

Now, please be aware that the next picture you are about to see is of my husband the cyclops. :)

Poor guy, he got a really bad Stye in his eye from having his tonsils out and infection running around and all sorts of sickness. Its finally starting to go down so he's getting back to normal. Finally, I'm tired of all this doctoring!!
Ok, I'm done trying to be funny. :)


Brittney said...

This is awesome!! I was laughing so hard that I made Kevin come and read this post! I agree Poor guy but everything was pretty funny!! :) WE loved his death wishes. HIlarious!!! Good job taking care of the hubby!

Kendra said...

Oh man! Tonsils are a killer! You should have some real sympathy because that is one of the most painful things in the world! And, hahaha, lmao at the pictures. Yes, you would make a great nurse Camille! Death wishes are funny. Especially after they start putting the great stuff in his IV :)

Melissa said...

Once again- your writing makes me laugh so hard! Definite Karma there, especially for picking on you- tell him I think he should wear the eye patch look more often...especially with the glasses!