Thursday, April 2, 2009


So.....this is the newest edition to our family. My new Beetle. Last summer Ryan and I sold our Lexus because it was rear wheel drive and it did nothing but set in a pile of snow all winter long. We went 7 LONG months with only my little green honda. Which I have had since 2003. Can I just tell you that shuffleing one car really is quite the task. It worked out most of the time because we both work in Jerome, so one or the other would drop the other off at work. We literally had to arrange our work schedules to the same hours, lunch time and everything. Even doctors appointments had to coordinate. I don't know how we did it...but we did.
Well, US Bank decided that they were going to cut everyone's pay by 5% because of the economy and so Ryan's hours got cut back 2 per week. Not alot, but enough to really throw our schedule into a whirlwind. Ryan would have to get up, shower, take me to work, come back home and finish getting ready, and then go into his job. It was a nightmare, and a waste of gas.
So.....I begged and pleaded and this is what I ended up with! I love it!
Yes...I is not family oriented, but I'm small enough, that if we were to ever have a baby, I could definitely maneuver a car seat into the back somehow. I bet you all you mama's are laughing at me....but I will make it work! My sister made it work with her Camero! :) When you love your love your beetle!
It's my little race car, fully equipped with a turbo and everything. This thing goes so fast!
Even Lucy loves it....I took a picture of her because she was running on the dash. She will not get out of the bug, everytime I go out in the garage to get my purse out of it or something, she gets in and will not get out! The other day I tried to grab her and she growled at me and ran to the passenger side and sat on the floor so I couldn't reach her. I'm not sure why she likes it so much, but she does.... what a dog!
So....we just leave her in there and when she wants to get out, she gets out. Usually Ryan has to yell at her before she'll listen. Funny how that is...I hope our kids listen to me, because Lucy doesn't. She only minds Ryan. I'm probably really scaring you all.

Anyhow, I hadn't blogged for awhile and couldn't really think of anything to blog about, and this is really the most recent thing that has happened to there you have it! We're Buggin now!


Hobley said...

hey fancy (my dog) only listens to ben too! we were just talking about that tonight, that i hope our kids listen to me and not just him. i love bugs! i got one right after i graduated. that think treated me well! it seriously has so much room in it. it doesn't look like it but it feels so roomy once inside. that makes me miss mine :(! i'm happy for you and your bug!

Brittney said...

LOVE the bettle!! You will totally fit just fine with you and a car seat! You can make it work with one kid!! :) My dog doesn't listen to me either. Don't worry!! We only have one car and it's a huge pain!!

Katie said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super happy for you!

Kendra said...

Sweet car! Love it! By the way, no way are you going to get a car seat back there. And, if you do, you will hate it because you will break your back trying to lug the kid + car seat in there. Have fun with that :) (you are tiny though, it might work for you) :)