Monday, November 30, 2009

Meet Joey

I don't have any idea how we came to this decision, but as of Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve, we have a new member in our family.
Meet Joey!
This is our 1 year old Schnauzer pup. He was adopted from a shelter in Utah. The gal that runs this shelter runs alot of our dogs from the Animal Shelter through the Humane Society. Thanks to all her help, alot of our dogs have a better chance of being adopted than they do in Jerome. So....she ended up having a few schnauzers to pick from.

Ryan, Lucy and I met Joey in the Petsmart parking lot late Wednesday night. We had to meet on neutral ground to see if they would get along. Slate, the black schnauzer was the one we were first interested in, but he was too dominant over Lucy. Joey just sniffed her and sat down like ok, where am I going now?

So we took him home and of course he seemed immediately comfortable. Then we took him all the way to Rigby to meet Mom & Dad. He was a little confused all weekend, and the slightest strange noise would send him running into the bedroom to hide in the bed. I was a little nervous that it wasn't going to work out, but as soon as we got home on Saturday, he was fine! He was dragging toys all over the house, running around, and chasing Lucy all over the place. He is such a love bug.

I was also concerned about my little Lucy being a bit jealous. Much to my surprise, she has accepted Joey. She still doesn't play with him much, but she is getting better. She hasn't tried to bite his head off once, just a few growls. And she shares the bed with him.
I have come to the conclusion that god doesn't send us children, he sends us dogs. :) hehe. Maybe someday we will have some kids running around.
Thanksgiving was great. Got to hang out with my family for a few days, which was nice.
Until next time....