Friday, November 20, 2009

Spiraling Out of Control

Today is a big day...a really BIG day! Everyone is already well aware that today is the premier of New Moon.

My good friend Kiley stood in line for an hour at the Cinema in Twin Falls only to get the last 4 tickets for the 9:00 showing. And they oversold the theatre by 1 so she could get 4. Holy crap. Talk about a close call. I thought I was going to be sick when she told me that. So, there are 4 of us girls getting together after work to watch Twilight, and then venture off into a pool of screaming, drooling young girls for New Moon. I'm excited....way too excited. My obsession with this story has literally spiraled out of control. It's completly and utterly ridiculous. If I make it through this day without combusting into my own pile of anticipation, it will be a miracle. Who ever knew that one could write a set of books that would send the whole world into a Vampire Frenzy. I'm ready for Twilight Part 2, she should really write another story. Something with Renesmee and Jacob would be good maybe??

Ok well enough of Twilight. I think we've all heard enough about it last a lifetime and then some.

This week Ryan started his new job. Turns out he really likes it. What a relief! He can be rather particular in the job department, so I was really nervous about what he would say after his first day. His response was, " My job is kick @$$." Phew...I think I can breathe now.

Wednesday we had the mold removed from the dirt underneath our house. I stayed home that morning while they were cleaning. By the time I got to work I was higher than a kite. Mold cleaning fumes can't be good for you. The smell has polluted our house for 2 days now. I think it's finally gone...I hope. Wow....permanent headaches for days are just not good.

Tomorrow I am participating in my last craft fair of the season. My feelings towards these are rather un decided. I love going to them, but the work to prepare is almost becoming too much when combined with running an online store as well. Especially during the holidays. I'm pretty sure I've exhausted myself and it's not over. This rush won't be over until after christmas. I'm grateful for the success. I couldn't ask for more. And I'm grateful for the talent god has given me.

Lately I have been pondering the thought of going back to school. It's been a rough decision for me because it brings back many memories. Memories of way back when I was young and pretty stupid. If I would have just went to school after I graduated, instead of making the choices I made, I would be almost done, if not done already. Things would have been very different. I can't say I regret everything I guess, because I wouldn't be where I am now, and probably not married to the man I married now. Funny how life turns out. Never expected to be where I am, living where I am. But anyway, I'm going to be trying to take my generals to get accepted into the nursing program. Probably an LPN to start. The hardest part is, I have to work. Working full time, going to school, and running a business is going to be overwhelming. I may have to step back from the bags for a bit. I guess we'll see how school goes. I've never been a fan of school, but I need to go.

Anyway, Happy New Moon Friday! I'm sure I'll have a good story or two in the next few days about attending opening night. It is sure to be a fiasco at the least.


Sandi said...

Good luck if you decide to go back to school. I know how hard it is. My advise is to just keep time for yourself and if you do seek the nursing program, ten go all the way for your RN. You do the same work as an LPN but make a lot more money. To answer your question to me...We moved to Australia for work. James was offered a really good job over here and since we were facing layoffs or transfers anyway we decided to go for it. How often does a chance to live in a foreign country come along anyways?

Sandi said...

Oh and make sure you proof read everything. Sorry for all of the dumb mistakes. Guess that means it is time to go to bed.