Sunday, March 8, 2009


I decided that our bedroom looked a little boring. And it wasn't dark enough at night time. So I ordered some fabric from JoAnns and decided to tackle a new project and make my own curtains.
This is how they turned out after I finished them. I think I'm going to change the paint color on the walls. Not sure what to do...?? Any suggestions???
I love the fabric because it has the most beautiful embroidered detailing in it.
But like I kind of blends with the walls...
Maybe I'm just second guessing myself.
I couldn't use tiebacks for the ones above the bed because they are so much shorter, so we'll just have to leave them hanging for now.

But this window was long enough to allow for the tiebacks! I love tiebacks, they are the coolest things.

Of course, Ryan had to be involved....don't laugh at his ugly "Sadam Hussein" t-shirt. Oh wait...I was just informed that its "Fidel Castro" not Sadam. Excuse me! :) One of those shirts that he has that I can't stand...oh ya...and his g's are hanging out!! Ha! What would I do without my husband to laugh at?


Brittney said...

Cute Curtains!! Good job! I noticed in the picture of Ryan your pics on the wall! And the dance pic of you in our skater boy uniforms! Cute cute!! I was thinking maybe a dark brown or dark blue would be cute... what are you thinking?

Camille & Ryan Darrington said...

ahh heck I don't know. I was thinking a dark brown or blue too. I just didn't want to be tooo blue because our bedspread is really blue

Kendra said...

You are such a cute little house maker!!!! And, please oh please burn that Saddam shirt....Fidel, Sadam, Bin Laden...who cares who it is!! Why would he even wear a shirt like that :) hahahaha. And by the way, thanks for the comment, and p.s. baby #3 is a LONG LONG LONG ways away. I can barely keep my head on straight now........