Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Not Funny Anymore!!

Every night, I like to shower before I go to bed. Its one of those relaxing things, helps me fall asleep. Just barely, I got into the shower so I could set down and relax and watch tv for awhile.

Little did I know, my shower wouldn't be so nice and relaxing. I got in and as I was washing my hair, Ryan came in and I heard him say, " I'm going to brush my teeth, I just ate a banana." I'm thinking, ok whatever weirdo. Next thing I know, I am being drenched in FREEZING cold water. Of course, I immediately started to scream. I don't know anyone who wouldn't. I looked up and there was my loving husband, peering over the top of the shower curtain with a goofy smile and an empty glass. I could have killed him! Talk about being ticked off, I was exactly that. So I said "Get out of here you jerk!" haha, I'm sure this whole thing was hilarious.

If that isn't enough, yesterday we were out in the yard hitting some golf balls around and the next thing I knew, I was being pegged in the side with a golf ball! OUCH! Yes, loving husband strikes again. He claims it was an accident...I beg to differ. So here I am today, freezing and bruised from golf balls.

I asked him if he would ever stop picking on me, and his response, "ya, when we have kids." I have a feeling that life in the Darrington household is going to get more interesting as time goes on and our family grows. YIKES!!


Kendra said...

Hahaha! Oh, it is funny! Poor thing. Guess what, he probably wont stop when you guys have kids. And if he does, you may find yourself wishing for the days when you and your husband could play mean tricks on each other :) You guys are so cute together! I am so glad to see you so happy Camille!

Melissa said...

I'm sorry Mille, but I couldn't help but laugh so hard when I read this:) I can just picture little tiny you getting picked on by your hubby! I will admit , Ben and I pull the old cold water in the shower trick on each other often...but I usually get him a lot more:) Better start havin those babies!! Hee hee! Holy cow about your range story- scary:( Hope that guy gets punished! I miss you guys too- hope all is well and say hello to everyone for me:)