Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Driving Range

Can I just start this post off by saying that today was AWESOME!! It was SOOO nice! I actually got to take off my sweater, short sleeves and all. It is about time. Usually Jerome is really warm, alot warmer than Idaho Falls & Rigby, but this year it really is just taking its sweet time warming up.

Since the day was so nice, Ryan and I decided to go to the driving range after work and hit a few balls. My hairdresser, Sandy, who I might add, is so neat and fun, told me last time I was there that I was going to become a golf widow if I didn't learn how to golf. Apparently her comments have sunk in, because since then I have found myself chipping balls around in the back yard, and now...going to the driving range. I hit some pretty good shots, but about 90% of the time I missed the ball, and now have a shoulder in excrutiating pain.

Now, I must tell you that something happened today while we were at the driving range, that I have never seen before and I am VERY VERY bothered by it. I thought that maybe if I blogged about it, it would help me stop thinking about it. Even though I've already texted a million people and filled out a police report. You're really probably wondering what I'm talking about now goes...

So as we were hitting balls and goofing off, a jeep cherokee pulled into the parking lot at the driving range. We didn't really think much of it other than the fact that they might be joining us. Boy was I wrong. A lady jumped out the jeep and headed over to the porta potty that they have over there. She was yelling something, but I couldn't really figure out what her problem was. A few minutes later she came out of the potty and started walking back over to the jeep. She went to the back passenger door and started pulling out some bags and eventually these bags of stuff ended up in the parking lot on the gravel in a heap. Her and her "boyfriend, friend," whoever started fighting and I was watching them. Next thing I know, he punches her in the face! I said, "OH MY GOSH RYAN! That guy just punched that lady in the face!" He turned around and watched for a second with me. He didn't really know what was going on and just went back to hitting his golf balls. I, on the other hand, am nosey, and just couldn't stop staring.

The fight continued and she tried to hit him a few times but missed, next thing I see is her on the ground on her back and this guy grabs her by her hair and drags her on her back through the gravel in between his car and this huge work van. I just could not stop watching. I was literally sick to my stomach. I wanted to call 911, but my cell phone was in the car and I was not about to go over to that parking lot to retreive it. I heard a really loud thump and new that he had smacked her again somewhere somehow. Then I saw the poor lady on the ground underneath his jeep and he was kicking her! At this point I am just really concerned.....but there was nothing we could do...I didn't want Ryan and I to get involved for fear of our safety! Then, a truck pulled into the parking lot behind the jeep and sat there and watched them for a bit. I thought maybe this guy will stop beating her because they are being watched. Oh no, he kept it up. Finally the lady got up and stumbled over to the pile of her stuff. She was limping so bad and her hair was just a mess and her face was so red...I'm sure she was bleeding. She picked up her stuff and started walking across the road. The man called out after her and she just kept walking. I though oh please...just get away from him...please just run for your life. Well, the guy got into his jeep and followed her. Stupid woman got back into the car with him! That stupid stupid woman!!! I was furious!!

The truck that was watching them drove out of the parking lot and was following them. Obviously he called 911 because a few minutes later every cop in Jerome went flying by. I thought please oh please catch that man. Please. Finally we finished up our buckets of balls and when we were getting ready to leave, a cop came back over to investigate the scene. As we were driving out, we asked him if he was able to catch the man. He said no they didn't because he made it into Twin Falls County before they could reach him, so the Twin Falls Police were on the chase.

He asked if we had any information and I told him that I had saw the whole thing, and then Ryan and I had to fill out police reports. He stopped by our house a couple hours later to pick them up and asked if we would testify in court if needed. We said yes, but it would be so scary! People like that belong in jail!

The cop told us that the eventually caught the man. I was so glad to hear that he is setting in jail. Apparently he is already a convicted felon, sex offender and all. Not a nice person. Cop told us that the lady said that she started the fight and that he didn't hit her, but the cop still arrested him anyway because he had 3 statements from 3 witnesses that were all the same story. He said he found it interesting that she said he didn't hit her, but she had a black eye and scratches and bruises all over her neck.

Yikes!! I just can't believe it!! I just stood there the whole time with my hands over my mouth just in awe. I was so nauseated that I am surprised I did not throw up all over! I can't stop thinking about it I'm so bothered about the situation. I never thought that something like this could bother a person in such a way, especially when its not directly related to them. But it bothers you. I found myself praying to god and asking why there are such bad people in the world? Why do people do things like that to others? I'm so upset...hence this novel of a blog post. But...I'm hoping...that this will help clear my I can sleep tonight.... and not wonder about how many other women in the world are getting beaten and hurt. Its terrible.

How grateful I am to be married to such a loving, caring man, who would never hurt me or our family. And how grateful I am that we have the Lord in our lives to protect us in situations like these. That man very easily could have noticed us watching and hurt us as well.

Ok....I'm done with my rant....I HOPE!!


Hobley said...

oh my gosh. that is horrible. i'm not sure what i would have done. glad that guy got caught!

Anonymous said...

holy cow! that would be so scary to witness that! i would want to go yell at that man. not that it would do much good, i'm sure, but still that is messed up to do that! i hate people like that. i definitely agree that people like that belong in jail. i understand that it has been bothering you for so long. stuff like that bothers me too, even if it is just in a movie.

Annie Bierma said...

Geeeze! I once saw a guy get the crap kicked out of him late one night in Boston but I've never seen a woman attacked so brutally in public! Oh the rage I would have felt! I hope that woman gets some courage and self respect so she can break free from him. Yeesh!