Monday, December 15, 2008

Meet Lucy the Baby

This is our little neice Lucy. She is 1 year and some months old...can't remember. :( We got to spend Saturday afternoon with her, it was so much fun. Totally didn't help my baby fever...but we got some cute pictures. Lucy the dog really likes her...I think its because she doesn't grab her and pull her hair. So cute...she just snuggles right up next to her.

Lucy likes the camera. Ryan had just got done giving her some you can see...the obvious signs of food face. She has the prettiest blue eyes!! Her sister Emma has really pretty eyes as well.

Nap time...apparently we were all a little tuckered out!!

This picture is so funny. You can see Lucy's tongue trying to give Lucy a kiss. Have I confused you yet.....with the names... :)

Good news... We have found a house that we want to buy!! We are going to put in an offer today and see if they accept. As soon as we get a home and get moved in...Its baby time!!!
Happy Monday!!


Hobley said...

happy home and baby time! buying a house is stressful. i guess probably not for u cuz you do that kind of bank and loan stuff. that was the most stressful and confusing part of it all! you look so natural and cute sleeping with lucy on the couch! i'm anxious to see pics of the house you want to buy if you guys get it! good luck

Kendra said...

I am so happy for you guys! And Lucy the Dog is cute, and Lucy the baby is ADORABLE!! You are right about those beautiful blue eyes. Good luck with buying the house and moving and all of that fun stuff. If I know you, the chaos of moving will drive you up the wall until everything is neatly unpacked and in it's proper place. I hope that you will be able to sleep a little :) Don't know how much help I can be, but if you need some please let me know because I would come to Twin or Burley or where ever the heck you live and help you move. Please don't hesitate to ask!!!!!!!

Brittney said...

Woohoo!!! Good luck with the house buying I hope you get what you want! What a cute little girl! You guys totally need a baby! ... so once you get a house I guess that means ... everyone should leave you guys alone for a while...:)

Zajanc Family said...

I hope your house buying experience goes well, but like Rach I think the worst part is dealing with the bank. So maybe your experience will be smooth sailing. I'm super excited for you guys both with the house & baby plans!!