Thursday, December 4, 2008

No Room at the Inn

I have just recently been called to serve as the Beehive Advisor in Young Womens. So far it has been so much fun. Last night we had a pretty fun activity, and so I thought I would share!
Keep in mind the story of Mary & Joseph.
We took the girls out to 4 different homes with plates of goodies. The first house we stopped at the girls got out and went up to the door with their treats. We started to sing, and out came a little old lady from our ward. She immediately interupted us and said, "I'm sorry, I thought you were my company, we are headed out to the movies, you'll have to come back another time when I can invite you in for hot chocolate." Not thinking much about it, we gathered back into our cars.
Off we went to the 2nd house. Once again, we went to the door. Sister Gibson answered and she was on the phone. The girls asked if they could sing to her and she replied, "I'm sorry, do you mind if I say no? I am on the phone with a very important friend." She must have noticed the look of discouragement on the girls faces, because she then said, "Ok, sing really fast." So we sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas as fast as we could, losing all of the spirit, and took off.
Next, the 3rd house, home of Sister Brooks. She had her porch light on, surely she knew we were coming to sing to her. Excited, the girls ran up and knocked on the door. The next thing they knew, Sister Brooks was peering out her window at them, and then turning off her porch light, leaving them all standing in the dark. I don't think I have ever heard such disappointment. Why didn't she want them to sing to her? Don't they like the Young Women? What did we do?
Finally, Beth, the MiaMaid Advisor, said, "Lets go to my house, surely my husband and kids will let you in to sing!" Sure enough, we traveled over to Beths house, and her husband let us in.
All the girls gathered in Beths living room and once they were all sitting down, we talked about how they felt about the way their caroling activity went. Obviously, they were all a little upset. Then...the door bell rang, and in came the 3 little ladies that had shut them out. Once they came in, the girls finally figured out what was going on.
We had a nice lesson about Mary and Joseph and the discouragement that they must have felt while trying to find a place to stay. We talked about remembering to make a place for Jesus, and Heavenly Father in our lives, and to remember the real reason for Christmas.
There is an "Inn" crowd, and there is a "Stable" crowd. Which crowd are you apart of?


Kendra said...

Camille! That is an awesome activity! Who was creative enough to think of that? For a second there I was thinking, man what a crappy ward you must live in! I can't believe that those ladies wouldn't welcome the young women with open arms! I love that! Because, I am sure that is a lesson that those girls will not soon forget. They were not just able to hear the story, but feel some of the same emotions that Mary and Joesph must have felt. Wow, thank you for sharing!!!!

Camille & Ryan Darrington said...

We went to a Stake YW Meeting, and every ward had to bring a copy of an activity that they had that was really great. That was one of them. The lady that turned the light out on them said that she couldn't open the door because she would have had a hard time telling them to leave. It was awesome!

Zajanc Family said...

That is so neat! I'm the Mia-Maid Advisor in YW so for sure I'll be sharing that with the leaders. I bet the girls just love you in Beehives!

Brittney said...

That is really creative! I was just going along reading thinking... what kind of ward are these two in?!?! And mean old women! :) I was totally surprised! lol You would make such a fun Beehive advisor and.. you are about their size...:) love ya!!!!!