Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yay for Flinstones!

Is that how you spell that? Flinstones..? or is it Flintstones?? Heck...I don't care, but hooray for those silly little kid vitamins!!

Easter was a BAD day for little miss prego. Dinner didn't set well and a combination of bad perfume really threw me for a loop. I'm probably the biggest whiner ever, but I was even out from work on Monday. So I called the doctor. Finally, at 7:00 that night they called back with a different prescription vitamin and told me to take flinstone vitamins instead of prenatals. Talk about a gift from god because I have only thrown up once since Tuesday! HOORAY!!!! And I'm more waking up with horrible stomach aches. Life is good this week. Life is good.

This pregnancy is looking up....and i'm only 2 months...whew....whiner...big big whiner. And I can eat! And different foods other than spaghetti, lasagna and goulash. Ya...something about that tomato stuff had me drooling the last couple weeks. It was all I could eat, and the only meat I could eat. But now...we're movin on up to my homemade sweet & sour chicken, and fried chicken burgers. Hello tasty!

You know what else is weird. . . I actually wake up at 2 or 3 every morning and start thinking about what I want for breakfast. Cause I'm going to have to eat..and fast....or I'm going to be losing my stomach.

I have some pics I want to post of the little onesies that I made. Telling the parents wasn't just a phone call, it was a full on event. I'll have to post them later tonight if I can break away from the sewing machine.

Why can't I break away?? Well....GOOD NEWS! FinnFancies is going into a local store. SO SO excited! This could be my big debut. lol....probably not. But I'm excited to get my stuff out so I have a place to send potential customers. Sometimes it's hard to compete in the gigantic online pool of amazing artists.

This last week I have managed to cut 39 pouches, 20 wallets and 5 zipper pouches. I'm now working on cutting the lining, applying that, and then sewing away. The rest of the good news is that I haven't sliced my finger off yet. I'm notorious for being a little clumsy with the rotary cutter. My poor husband starts sweating when I pull that thing out.....gets a little nervous... I doubt he wants a 3 fingered wife. And I don't want to be the 3 fingered wife. Wierd. Just wierd.