Sunday, April 4, 2010

9 Weeks

I've made it to 9 weeks. The last 4 weeks have been horrible. :( I have been meaning to post some pics, but, I have been so sick I just haven't been able to do so. Took this one today and I still look like I just died and came back to life. My mom was very sick with me, so I was a little concerned that I would have the same problem. Unfortunately, I do. The sickness is all night, all morning, and then again after work. And sometimes during the day. We go to the doctor again next Monday, so we'll see then if she has to put me on IV treatment. Yikes....lets hope not! That won't be fun.

I have a little belly, but not much. Baby is only the size of grape! The camo pants are the only pants that fit right now besides my work pants. Thankfully those fit...since I have to wear them every day. All my jeans...well those are out of the question. I've been trying to find some and haven't found any in a small enough size that aren't 100.00 or more. Looks like I might be going with the unbuttoned pants and the trusty belly band. And I swear my feet are growing... or maybe I've really lost my mind..??

They say that pregnant women do all sorts of crazy stuff, well it's true. Last week when I was driving home from doing some shopping, I couldn't remember which foot was supposed to press the brake pedal. And this should be easy because one foot does have to press on the clutch. duh! Um....hint that maybe I should not be driving? Good thing work is only like 2 miles away. I forget peoples names, call them by different names, I'm a total clutz. Let's just say that the beetle has had more than one drink spilled in the passenger seat in the last month. Poor car is going to have to be seriously shampooed. Good thing they were all clear drinks.

I'm having a hard time eating anything because of just comes right back up. I need the protein, but any meat makes me run for the bathroom. Ground hamburger in spaghetti is about is meat as I can get!

haha...and clearly I need a tan! Yikes....the paleness is horrid. Spring, please come soon! Anyway, thought I would give a little update. Not much else to tell...just the normal story from any lil prego. Next week's appointment we get to hear the heartbeat. Well...maybe. Doctor says she can always hear it at 10 weeks, but sometimes the parents can't pick it up. Not sure if that means ultrasound or just some listening device...who knows! We'll see soon enough!