Monday, April 12, 2010

Onesies & T-Shirts!

Ok, as promised, here are the pictures of the onesies and the t-shirts I made for us to tell the parents! Of course I had to purchase the "newborn" size so I could run around and oohhh and ahh at how cute and little it was.'s size certainly didn't help this little project. I pulled the letters from my digi scrapbooking and printed them on fusible printable fabric. Then, I cut them all out and ironed them on. It was pretty time consuming, but SOO worth it for the surprise.

Then, I wrapped them up in little packages trying to conceal any idea of what it might be. Do you think they knew?? hehe...I have no idea either.

Close up of my handiwork. They were a little hard to read. They said, "Grandpa & Grandma, I can't wait 2 meet u. C u in 9 months, luv baby d" 3-9-10 (that was the date we found out)
I mailed them on a Thursday and luckily, they arrived on Friday!! I was super excited all day because I didn't know if I would receive any phone calls and I could just imagine them opening them....and what they were thinking. It was a total shocker. Noone even had a clue it was coming. That's what made it so fun.
Dad called first. He was super excited. Mom called later, and of course she said that she had started crying. I was glad that I decided to tell them in such a fun way. I didn't just want to call them, and being 2 hours away made it kind of hard.
Ryan's parents are 45 minutes away from us, and we were going to see them the following Sunday for dinner. So I decided to make some t-shirts for Ryan and I.

On these ones I used fabric scraps and fusible web. Cut out some letters and ironed them on as well. I also treated them with some fray solution so they wouldn't fray too bad on the edges.
It took Ryan's mom FOREVER to realize what was going on. Once we got there we probably stood in the kitchen for 10 minutes until Grandpa Martin looked at Ryan and said, "Who's Daddy?" I pointed and Ryan and Grandpa said, "You are?" And then finally his mom turned around and said, "What are you guys talking about?" She finally saw Ryan's shirt after he had stood almost 2 feet from her for 15 minutes. haha. Not exactly as planned, but it was pretty funny.
Gotta love the fam.